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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content

As you might be inclined to say, where does this meaning come from?
 Quoting: Chaol

Yes, a very good question which I've given a lot of thought to. My answer is programming. However, until I met you, I thought the programming is from whatever I "decide" or am taught.

Now, I am not so sure!!!
 Quoting: Unit3

If it is programming, are you capable of changing the program?

If so, could it mean that the program is being re-created now? Or is at least able to be changed now?

If so, then who or what is doing that?
 Quoting: Chaol

I feel like I have changed a great deal of the programming I was taught. I understand this is something I am perceiving now so yes, the program is being re-created and/or changed now.

Yes, I would like to know who is changing the programming, LOL! I would like to know who is learning to use the Genius, who has a subconscious and who is perceiving. heh!

It's still hard to see it all as nothing or as illusion. I understand I feel I exist because I perceive and that's about it. The rest, I'm waiting for a lightbulb moment.
 Quoting: Unit3

Who is reading this right now?

Can you imagine the endless physical, electrical, mathematical, and mechanical processes that you have control of right now because you are able to represent those complex processes?

No one is doing that but you.

You are capable of it because you inherently know how to represent anything and then work with those representations.
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