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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle panoukos
Post Content
I think acceptance is huge. When we execute a Genius, there is no way we can know all the variables that need to take place to make what we want to happen. And probably, if we did, we would never want to use one.

That's why I think it's better to make Point B as simple as possible and also make it the side issue...such as the keys to my house on the Riviera rather than a house on the Riviera.
 Quoting: Unit3

Unit3, forgive me but you remind me of an old joke, where somebody is having a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night and doesn't have a jack. He looks around him and sees light on the top of a nearby hill.

On his way there (to ask for a jack), he imagined potential dialogues with the housekeeper, based on his idea that he will annoy them. So after a lot of "I will tell him that and he will reply this, and then I will counter reply that and he will re-reply this", he reaches the door, he knocks it, a woman opens it and with an angry tone, points his finger at her and says:
"Fuck you and your jack!" and turns around and go.

What you say, is that if you choose to make more relative to your experience something that you already have in mind and represents what you truly want, will include a lot of variables that maybe some, or all of them will be "bad" and not make the experience "worth" it.

If, on the other hand you pick a wish that will possibly have less variables, that you can easily imagine them, will make your experience "worth it".

Therefore, it is the "controlability" of the variables that you imagine will stand between you and what you want to experience, that asks what you want to experience.

If that is the case, then you dont have to ask what you want to experience and why, ask what variables you want to experience before you experience the whatever "thing".
But it won't take you anywhere, will it?

Nevertheless, we go back to the same. If what you want to experience is already "in you" and have only to reveal it (make it relative), then the whatever "variables" that will pop up will also come from you.

With this way it is making it impossible to wish for something that you really want to experience and be of "lower value" to any of the potential variables that you meet. If it is, then it wasn't what you "really" wanted to experience. You haven't "define it" properly.

Can't blame the Genius or Ec for it, or whoever suggested it to you. What you've asked is what you get. If you are not "happy", know what you ask.

However i can see the "problem" you, Jesse, me and other face.
We think that point B is in the realm of our imagination. But this realm is blurry to us. But since we live in our imagination/dreams (our subjective world, as we call it), the realm of reality also looks blurry (because we always see reality from the perspective of our dream).

So, it seems that defining point A is the hard bit. If you know where you are, you can know where you want to go. If you dont, any point B can be equally "right" or "wrong".

But ask about A is asking what you see, whereas asking about B, is asking what you believe.

It seems to me that we have been shown the most powerful tool ever been invented by a human being and dont know what to do about it (yet).
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