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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Jesse Sovoda
Post Content
If I understand you correctly, wouldn't choice then, be another "flavor" of perspective like Vanilla or the color Orange? Where we are within the bottle-matrix, we find ourselves capable of making decisions. In other perspectives we function more like a table or a chair, meeting only certain functions but have a very limited (imperceptible from this view point) ability to choose? Yet here we have a rich (perceived) illusion of choice and within that ability to choose, we have the (perceived) illusion of "free will". Much in the same way the table senses the moisture of the full cup of cold water set upon it (the minor warping of the wood because of condensation) and the memory that implies. Yet we have additional technology (a self adjusting feedback loop that presupposes time and the opportunity for choice) to perceive as if we "act" upon the "memory" we're infected with. Within that is there not "free will" as illusory as it is? It's almost as if that elusive "Truth" with the capital "T" is outside anything we are ever capable of perceiving and lies outside of the illusion we are born to.

Last night I had an elaborate lucid dream which included what I perceived to be two types of "alien" one was traditionally angelic and seemed to be assisting the humans who were under attack by what I perceived to be traditionally demonic. Within the dream I had to defend a few people from what would have been collateral damage (as the two seemed more concerned about destroying each others forces than destroying or protecting my perceived environment and kin). By telekinetically throwing several husks of destroyed vehicles in the way I was able to save a few people and by that dream-sign (use of telekinesis) I became lucid. Now I had intended before sleep to find a "dream" entity and discuss the nature of reality and expanding my perspective but I chose to fly/teleport about exploring, helping and saving people. I had forgot my original intent as it was no longer relative. Is this what you mean by the "non-existense" of "free will"? Once my perspective changes so too does my intent and therefor my freewill is negated?

Thank you again.
 Quoting: Jesse Sovoda

I think vanilla or orange would be values in perspective, whereas 'choice' would be something outside of the reality that arises from between representations.

It seems more like part of the logical narrative than a flavour. Something that we use to make sense of how we got from point A to point B.

If I say that I got into my car and ended up in Colorado Springs a few hours later then a logical narrative would fill all the blanks of this two perspectives (for ease of illustration). Just as an object appears solid as my mind fills in the gaps to make sense of the object.

So 'free will' may be something that arises from us to make sense of our transition through perspectives.

Interesting to think about.
 Quoting: Chaol


Thank you.

When I questioned "If I understand you correctly, wouldn't choice then, be another "flavor" of perspective like Vanilla or the color Orange?"... I guess I meant to ask "wouldn't choice then, be another framework for perspective, like our ability to perceive the taste of vanilla or see the color orange?"

The bolded statement answers that question perfectly. And I interpret it as a "yes".
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