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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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No disagreement, but if I can explain how i connected them.


"Externalizing the desire" to me means that i am at point A that i know of and i "want" to go to point B.

So before you say "point B", haven't you asked questions like "where i want to go, why i want to go there and how i will go there?" If you haven't answered, there is no "point B" that creates the perspective. Isn't it?

So, the whatever perspective we each currently experience comes from the whichever answers we have given to our whichever questions we asked in the first place.

Besides when you say:
"dont ask how to win the lottery, ask how you can have an abundance of money instead, for example", is it not an attempt to shifting/creating a perspective through a question? How else could you have done this to yourself or to others, other than through questions and answers?
 Quoting: panoukos

(The following is provided for illustration only...)

We know very little compared with our own subconscious.

When we "externalize the desire or want" we are communicating with our subconscious.

We can ask questions about Point B but it is not the questions nor the answers that get us there.

Our subconscious asks no questions nor provides any answers.

The questions are like queues for our subconscious to interpret. We can then interpret the "result".

The waking mind asks the questions and interprets what may be seen as answers.

When you say, "So, the whatever perspective we each currently experience comes from the whichever answers we have given to our whichever questions we asked in the first place." we can consider that our current perspective is not based on the questions of our waking mind.

For, "dont ask how to win the lottery, ask how you can have an abundance of money instead, for example", [I don't think this is a direct quote, but I will respond as though it was] it is not meant to be a question for the subconscious but more of a practical question about how to go about making a more effective model.

I suppose the ultimate question is really "How do I get from Point A to Point B?"

The answer is that our waking mind represents what Point B is and our Genius (subconscious) makes it more relative to our current perspective.
 Quoting: Chaol

I love illustrative examples. Thanks.

So, we are teaching our waking mind what the subconscious already knows. Since we don't know how we use the Genius, are we actually functioning only through the subconscious currently?
 Quoting: Unit3

You could also say that we are that which makes up the subconscious.

It's filled with all kinds of everything. Parts that know, parts that don't know.

We are the story of a part of it, and it is us.

The cells in your hand are asking the same questions :)

Iow, what's the difference in the waking mind that knows it wants to get to Point B, but doesn't know how it happens....as compared to the waking mind that does know how it happens.
 Quoting: Unit3


Get to point B; waking mind does not know = 4 years, 3 months (exmaple)

Get to point B; waking mind knows how = 1 week

Get to point B; waking mind really knows and understands = a few nanoseconds

In the same way, your body "understands" things that the cells in your hand do not. It is experiencing time and space differently because of this understanding.

The understanding, however, is not a mental process. It is the relationship of values in its perspective.

Hope this helps.
 Quoting: Chaol

Quoting Chaol: "Parts that know and parts that don't know."

I see this for sure. The way I'm expanding my perspective is trying a lot of new stuff. I think the most interesting discovery I've made is how easily I consciously make things unconscious...without realizing I"m even doing so!!!!!!

When I took the walk the other day where I focused on things I didn't like, I was shocked at how easily I made sure I didn't notice those things.

Today, I looked for new life in the things I love (per your suggestion) while I walked, and was amazed again at the conscious repression into unconsciousness....and also how to retrieve from the unconsciousness by noticing..... instead of sinking something out of "view."

I listened to a car drive by and kept listening as it went down the street....and could hear it almost a block away!!!!! Just because I chose to continue listening instead of sinking the sound into unconsciousness. Pretty neat!

Thank you for the example above of waking mind and really waking mind getting to point B! Very nice. hf

The body only knows things I don't know as long as I keep my perspective that way. correct? I'm stumbling over your statement: "It is the relationship of values in its perspective." This makes it sound as if the body has a different perspective to mine.
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