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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I feel like I have changed a great deal of the programming I was taught. I understand this is something I am perceiving now so yes, the program is being re-created and/or changed now.

Yes, I would like to know who is changing the programming, LOL! I would like to know who is learning to use the Genius, who has a subconscious and who is perceiving. heh!

It's still hard to see it all as nothing or as illusion. I understand I feel I exist because I perceive and that's about it. The rest, I'm waiting for a lightbulb moment.
 Quoting: Unit3

Who is reading this right now?

Can you imagine the endless physical, electrical, mathematical, and mechanical processes that you have control of right now because you are able to represent those complex processes?

No one is doing that but you.

You are capable of it because you inherently know how to represent anything and then work with those representations.
 Quoting: Chaol

Yes, I can imagine all the endless things going on right now as I read this and it's because I have control of them....even though I don't consciously know how. But how does this tell me who I am? A mind?
 Quoting: Unit3

You are the most beautiful and wondrous thing that could ever be imagined.

You are Something born of nothing-in-particular.

How amazing is that!?

You are that which takes an infinity of perceptions to try and reproduce.

All of the sonnets, birds, poems, clouds, hats, and swords in the world try, time and time again, to capture your essence. But cannot.

You are the life of life. The beauty of beauty. The wonder of wonder. That which things things try to be but cannot. That is how awesome you are.

They try through all manner of drama, seemingly to create a universe of things that, sadly, cannot capture even a small fragment of the impossible-to-perceive.

Although these things can be beautiful and not, happy and sad, at times thrilling or entirely boring, and everything in between, it is really just a distraction from your essence.

Who are you? You are whomever you are, whomever is possible to be.

But these things are confusing. Who wants to be nothing-in-particular when we can have the illusion of something-in-particular.

And so here you are. Impossible to define, impossible to perceive, impossible to merely think of.. but how wonderfully awesome is it that we can try.

And "try" is this essence. It is all we can do, and it is enough to create an endless universe of yourself, exploding at every moment and filling it again with an entirely new outlook of yourself.

But this "yourself" is not the you that wears clothes and eats food. It is YOU. The most relative thing to you. Your clothes do not illustrate this. The dishes on the table do not capture this. It is so wonderfully hidden because it is this nothing-in-particular, yet everything that could possibly be.

Are you alone? It would seem from my description that you are. What else is there when you are everything?

But the secret of this nothing-in-particular is that you have created an entire universe of perspective because this "alone" is irrelevant!

As soon as "nothing" is irrelevant it 'creates' SOMETHING. How can something be irrelevant when there is nothing else with which to compare?

So here you are.

"Alone in the universe..." is only something to be sad about if there was once two and now one.

Now there is an infinity of you so that it is impossible. And this beauty, these hats, these endless swords, and all the poems that will ever be written are a part of something entirely wondrous and beautiful.

Think of it as a gift from nowhere. It is only an illusion if there is something 'real' with which to compare it. So this story, these epic dramas we call existence is all that needs to be and is the most real thing that could ever possibly be.

You are all that you need to be right now. When I say that everything exists here and now I mean that there is no need to be anyone else, go anyplace else, do anything else, other than what you are doing right now.

Until this YOU perceives something else.

In one word, the you I have illustrated is Perfection.
 Quoting: Chaol

This is perfect:)
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