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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content

Can we please move on to some advanced uses of genius, ecsys, visualization, etc. Thank you.

 Quoting: Not-Chaol 5877556


What do you think the next sub-topic of discussion should be about, specifically?

For my next magic trick I will try to pull the Chaol out of not-Chaol. So that we can see how we are each within one-another, starting with not-Chaol.
 Quoting: Chaol

I would like to understand how to use visualization to play golf shots that result in a desired outcome. You mentioned that when you use your version of visualization the outcome is more or less guaranteed. I think that using this example could be easily transferred over for similar experiences by the other forum participants. Thanks.

 Quoting: Not-Chaol 5877556

Look around you. How are you perceiving what you are?

Is that not also guaranteed? Is it not real?

The first question would be, "Where do my perceptions come from?". Something we've all ready covered.

The more practical question would then be, "How do we perceive whatever we want to perceive?"

That is a loaded question, but I would only suggest that "want" is irrelevant. We do not perceive what we want to perceive. As the Genius holds, we perceive.. that which is (blah blah.. you get the idea)

[The remainder of this post will do without quotation marks. What I am illustrating is approximate.]

For me, I create representations of what I want. If I wanted a vanilla ice cream cone then I would create an equation, in Ec, that for me represents the environment around what I want. Vanilla ice cream cone would be the missing element and it would be experienced in my perspective. (It does not magically appear in my hand but it could easily appear in the drawer next to me, cold as ice. My brain would then make up a story as to how it's logical. We do this all the time and everything makes perfect sense. Perhaps you've experienced this while dreaming.)

My brain would fill in the blanks of what is missing.

...because my brain has learned to see Ec representations the same as the real thing.

You can use Ec or something else. You need only represent. It is the same as the entire universe is doing right now. And you have the ability to do it also with just your mind. (Or anything else you want to use.)

So you simply have to find a way to make your brain see the representation as the real thing. Are you looking at words now? Are you even looking at letters? When you talk on the phone are you hearing that person's voice? When you look at something are you seeing it directly or your brain's interpretation of it? Representations, all. Your brain sees these as real because it has learned how to work with them. It knows nothing else.

So what I am doing is first jumping off of a building and then creating a framework for perception that my brain, by necessity, has to adhere to. It is exactly how you push yourself into the next moment.

How often do you see glitches in the matrix? If your brain would allow, you would see them all the time. But you are able to walk on the street even though it has just experienced a quantum fluctuation and did not exist for the past 20 minutes because your brain saw a gap and filled it.

It sees gaps in whatever you're looking at and fills those too. It sees gaps in your experience and fills it, without your conscious mind knowing about it.

The reality is not about the physical things. Those are not real. They are simply values in perspective, like anything else.

By creating representations you are not fooling your mind or anything because it is how reality is created. [I'm still doing without quotation marks here.] Everything is a representation. Should I jump off of a 20-story building I do not fool my brain into thinking that it is only 4 feet tall any more than it fools me into thinking that the building was there in the first place! Again, representations all. We work with nothing more or less than representations.

When you create a representation for your dream house your representation is as real as the house. The house itself is an other representation.

You already work with representations to create your reality and perceive whatever it is that you perceive.

In a way building your life is like building your vocabulary.

Tweaking your life to fit your desires is like improving your grammar.

And learning how reality works is like learning a new language.

By the time you're 20 years old you have all ready learned thousands (perhaps millions) of languages. Some are more fundamental than others. But all are collections of representations that are manipulated so that you can interact with additional representations, ad infinitum.

Why does customer mean something specific to you but usectmro does not? It could very well have been that usectmro was what you used, instead. They're both meaningless representations. The difference is that you have given meaning to one and not the other.

In a similar way, why would accidentally cutting your finger with a knife mean something to you but wrapping your arm with giftstead does not? They're both meaningless.

And you work with meaning (values) to create your reality.

But, unfortunately, I am unable to properly respond to your query about visualization. I don't really know what your meaning entails. However, it seems to be missing the remainder of experience.

In your experience now is so much more than the visual aspect. One kind of sense is no more valid than any other. We place a lot of emphasis on what we see but of course we need more than that to create a complete picture of experience.

But, again, I am not too sure of what your definition of visualization is.
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