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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I would like to understand how to use visualization to play golf shots that result in a desired outcome. You mentioned that when you use your version of visualization the outcome is more or less guaranteed. I think that using this example could be easily transferred over for similar experiences by the other forum participants. Thanks.

 Quoting: Not-Chaol 5877556

Following on...

Why might you hear a sound but someone else does not hear it?

Why might a black box on the floor appear as a laptop to you but a black object to a newborn baby?

Our perceptions 'act' in accordance with the value we have given them.

The aspects of our reality interact with us the same as we interact with them.

If you see a black box, it will function as a black box in your reality (until your new perspective).

If you see a laptop, it will function as a laptop in your reality (until your new perspective).

You can use either.

Take what you perceive all ready and interact with it differently for a different perception.

We can wish for something that materializes in our wishes.

Or we can see what we wish for as all ready existing in our reality.

Consider this...

The concept of 'laptop' was invented by your perspective.

You learned to see it in what was all ready there.

So, where is your PGA tour in your current perspective?
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