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Message Subject There Will Be No Alien Presence On This Planet Without Invitation By Our Creator.
Poster Handle CharlaneIn2009
Post Content

There Will Be No Alien (hereinafter defined as a being or entity not born on the surface of, nor is humanoid in appearance thereof, nor is in the interior of This Planet) Presence On This Planet (hereinafter known as 'Gaia') Without Invitation By Our Creator.

IT IS DECLARED that should any man, woman or entity 'witness' for any other man or woman or entity for consent for any Alien to come forward and touch this surface and make himself or herself or itself publicly known, then be it known here and now that I do not consent, nor allow any other man nor woman nor entity, to speak in my stead for same said consent and where all men and women and entities have the right to refuse any consent, and to declare this publicly, and with praise to our creator on this day.

IT IS FURTHER DECLARED that all Aliens, on and within Gaia, are to peacefully leave the surface and interior of Gaia immediately and by the rules of engagement of all beings in this universe and within 30 days from the date of this declaration and notice.

This notice is subject to the rules of engagement and shall remain in the record and for public view forevermore.

The creator will decide whom arrives here and you will be known by your works.

Peace to you. Have faith in each other. This is the power of the universe.
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