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Message Subject There Will Be No Alien Presence On This Planet Without Invitation By Our Creator.
Poster Handle tkwasny
Post Content
there is no such thing as a creator
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 620335

If there is no creator then every entity has always and will always exist... because they do now. Things cannot come from nothing. Totally illogical. What intellect was present prior to the presence of any structure to effect the mathamatics upon the raw elements for that structure which effected the design and completion of the assembly?

Either there is an entity that never had a beginning that effected and imposed mathamatics of PHI, PI, etc upon elements to generate complex structures or those complex structures, in themselves and self contained, always existed with those mathamatics.

Things including mathamatics cannot appear out of nothingness because nothingness is, in fact therefore, a thing, if it can be identified, which destroys the integrity of the definition of nothingness. So all is from some thing of higher location or domain. All that is finite are the subsets of all that is infinite. Doesn't work the other way around. We also know finite is not infinite.
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