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HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info

the famous hawk alert
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United States
09/06/2009 12:38 PM
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HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info
August 25, 2009

[link to www.stevequayle.com]

The War between the Factions in the Military and Intel world is a running with hot red blood as good men who love the Lord Jesus and the Bill of rights have squared off against the luciferian inspired Totalitarian Dreams of the Illuminati and their Political minions who command now troops, mercenaries, and newly seen private Praetorian Guard of perhaps 10,000 sworn in allegiance not to the Constitution but to the Lucie Joker Tut himself.

That these Factions are fighting the already begun 2nd Civil War , behind the veils of darkness further shaded by the captive Propaganda Matrix and further held from view because the cognitive dissonance of an oppressed, broke , tired to the bone populace, has precluded their ability to see, is now highly evident. The lines are drawn and now as we rush through time into the Fall of Banks and Pandemics and a Winter of Famine's first blush, the body counts will now rise as this State makes War on its own people in a planned blood sacrifice of depopulation known as the Illuminati's End Game.

Perhaps before we get to details, a cold hard look at some of the major players' teething ring of tactics, and their true inspiration is in order. Saul Alinsky, the Chicago radical community organizer, has been the mentor in terms of political and social tactics to several of the current Illuminati chess pieces on the board. His book , "Rules for Radicals" begins with the following:

" Lest we forget, at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins - or which is which) , the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom--------Lucifer "

Is it any wonder where the true inspiration for plans of a Totalitarian Change which will destroy the America that was blessed by the Lord with Liberty , Prosperity, and Goodness come from? Is not the direct line from lucifer to the Illuminati and on again to those groomed and trained by such as the revolutionary Alinsky , Aurelio Pecci, and perhaps even some KGB shepherds now not at least visible in the telltale glimmers through the veils of deceit , lies, and evil promulgated by many in the top slots of power in America?

Dateline.......8/20/2009......Deep Underground Military Base.....Somewhere 120 miles from Denver as the crow flies or as the Mag-lev Trains are ridden in the deep Tubes.

According to deep background sources, a meeting took place where the some of the highest ranking U.S. Military of Flag Rank met to discuss the upcoming events that will thrust Martial Law upon America and cascade into a blood bath of Civil War II . Specifically, those of luciferian bent and with sworn allegiance to a usurping Dictator instead of the Constitution , were there to order those who do love the Lord , and swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic , to come to heel and comply with all plans and orders of the usurper regarding the Martial Law takeover of America and also to insure complete handover of the highest level nolink4_you compartmental access only "star wars like " space craft and super weapons as well as the ancient star gate technologies and the genetic materials , dead bodies, and locations of live or in stasis "longwalkers" or giants spawned by Fallen Angels as detailed in Genesis 6.

At a certain point this meeting erupted when those Flag Rankers on the side of the Lord and the Constitution refused to comply with orders and to go along with the usurper's Illuminati luciferian plans. According to the deep background sources, at this point those refusing to obey orders that would compromise their oaths were arrested by troops loyal to the luciferian cause and usurper. As with any meeting of this type, lower ranking officers , non-coms , and troops accompany there Flag Rank officers. Not all of them were arrested it seems but perhaps some made an escape in a Black Hawk helo away from the meeting? The cover story in the press says something much different , though it took several versions to provide a skimpy cover.

Later that same afternoon it seems 4 Army soldiers died in a helicopter crash near the summit of Mount Massive south of Leadville , Colorado. According to the Associated Press, the Army initially said that two were killed, one was injured, and one was missing. Then the story changed and said the missing man was found later, though it wasn't clear just when he and the soldier reported injured had died.

Later according to the Associated Press account, the Army Special Operations Command said that the MH-60 Black Hawk crashed while conducting mountain and ....? environmental training ? near Colorado's second highest mountain, Mount Massive.

These men were members of Delta Company, 1rst Battalion , 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Ft. Campbell, Ky.

What they did not say is that these men were some of the most highly decorated military men in the U.S. with dozens of medals of valor and bravery given to each of them, albeit many were for work in the Ultra Black world of combat, where people fight, die, and receive medals and citations in total secrecy. There names are 41 year -old Chief Warrant Officer Robert Johnson, 40 year -old Chief Warrant Officer Terrance Geer (only picture shown was of him in a Navy Uniform ? ) , 33 year -old Staff Sgt. Paul Jackson, and 28 year - old Staff Sgt. Chad Tucker.

May the Lord Jesus receive them in heaven and give them peace. May those who knew them hoist a glass in that little downtown Clarksville joint and at Site A may prayers be said for them and their families for they should not have been taken so soon.

The problem with environmental training these days it seems is that questions that should be asked ...are never asked and the truth does suffer in the scanty public telling of the deaths of such fine men. Did a certain evil Faction of Majicians cause the demise of these so brave? Was there something in that initial story that perhaps conjured an electromagnetic pulse take down of a helo ....or was it a "Ron Brown like" or a "Hasenfus vs. Cooper like" scenario where some mystery shooter caused the deaths and then jumped out at 14, 000 + feet with parachute........only to be perhaps cleaned himself ? That story will not make the Associated Press I'd wager. However, that story one could imagine, is only just begun and that other chapters of the Faction Wars will be written in this once great land and no doubt in the cold vacuum of deep space as well. "Death Waits In The Dark" for you lucies ........Sine Pari...... and the Lord Jesus will see to that.

Foreign Campers

In several previous Talons and Alerts , the presence of large numbers of Foreign troops and Mercenaries associated with the upcoming attempt at subjugation of the American people under Martial Law, has been discussed.

Recently, numerous forward observation reports have come in that has shed new light on just where these lucie minions are being billeted across the country. These Foreign troops and $ Soldiers for hire are being seen in various locales quartered in mountain lodges, cabins by the lakes, and cabins inside or adjacent to National and State Parks, and in some older hotels and motels in the Great Lakes region , and also all the along the Canadian Border.

One notable report from the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area in Utah, Wyoming, and near Colorado cited large numbers of Italian men in one cabin and large numbers of French men in another all speaking only in Italian and French . Also this report included excellent detail of some of these getting on Harley Davidson motorcycles after a Chinook Helicopter passed over the lodge. They were seen riding out to meet the Chinook and receiving something from it which then was taken back to the lodge. Noticeable were the large numbers of coolers at these respective cabins....perhaps the type that might keep samples of some Virus or Flu cool enough for preservation until samples were to be distributed? Red Canyon just isn't what it may seem these days.

In another locale on Lake Erie one of the older hotels which has been closed downed was a buzz with activity last month which featured renovations going on , but also the presence of alot of Canadian Military all closed off behind fences and multiple signs saying no trespassing . What all those Canadians were doing there is evident from another report just in from another source. The Canadians it seems have cut a deal or two with the Red Chinese and the Russians ....sub rosa to be sure......but deals to preclude ?Canada from being hit by any nuclear missiles that might rain down on the U.S. from Red Chinese or Russian missiles and deals where the Red Chinese Military ( Alberta Oil Workers, Toronto Bankers, and Vancouver Restaurateurs no doubt) and the Canadian Military are buying up old hotels, motels, lodges , and fishing cabins all along the U.S. and Canadian Border on both sides of the line. Of course , Canada is a Joint Force member in Northcom and Norad and is involved directly in the Martial Law forces ready for massive civil uprisings in the U.S. due to Flu Pandemic and Bank Holidays or currency devaluations. Red China is of course going to see their Flag planted at the White House on September 20, 2009 .....as no doubt in their capacity of being one of the largest albeit newest holders of U.S. Govt. debt in the likely capacity as a Receiver of the Bankruptcy of the U.S.A. 1933 as continued perhaps secretly in 2008. Additional sightings of East Bloc speaking troops have been seen inquiring about " how many cabins are in the compound here ? " in a certain area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses , let truth be established ?

Alabama Updates-Jefferson County Tangles

Please refer back to the recent Alert written on the potential for Martial Law in Jefferson County that is still located on this web site under Hawk TALONS.

In that alert drastic measures of budget cuts are forcing mass layoffs of LEO's , dispatchers, and other County workers and that the local powers that be have been discussing the need for Martial Law assistance to Police the County. Cited from deep background sources , a jail facility was to be closed in Bessemer , Alabama and 200 prisoners moved from there to the already 1000 prisoner strong Birmingham jail . The problem was that in Bessemer, there was another unused floor with 200 bed capacity. The possibility of it being used as some kind of holding facility by DHS during upcoming Martial Law was also discussed .

Well, it seems that the prisoner transfer was delayed because of unwanted media attention. Apparently, long periods of time were spent in closed rooms and chambers of local judges by the Sheriff , DHS Commanders, and attorneys of all shapes and sizes. The move apparently ....Was Unconstitutional unless a STATE OF EMERGENCY had been declared .

In addition , new information from other forward observers has come in detailing a new FEMA Camp to be built near McCalla, Alabama which is near the described Bessemer facility. I also just happens that apparently Norfolk Southern Railways is building a major new hub very near to that Bessemer facility and the new FEMA Camp location. Is it any wonder then why sitting on a remote obscured by hills and trees siding, that hundreds of the closed triple decker car hauler/ cattle cars/ quarantine camp transport type rail cars are conveniently parked ? They apparently from markings belonged to CSX Rail , who at one time was controlled substantially by the Carlyle Group ......a Defense Contractor that has seen large ownership of stock belonging to the Queen of England, Poppy Bush, the Bin Ladin family , and numerous other former Defense Dept. honchos and Deputies. Connect the dots?

The Flu Pandemic has really started percolating in that FEMA Region with the cited large and too quick after school started outbreak of H1N1 flu in the University of Alabama, Auburn University, Opelika K-12 schools, and also at the University of Georgia , and perhaps the University of Tennessee in the sister FEMA region as well. One wonders if any Foreign Campers have been meeting any Chinook Helos on their Harleys in a just in time delivery systems of appropriate samples in coolers needed to jump start the Pandemic locally?

Flu Releases? and Bank Holiday Pretexts?

Reports from all over the CONUS are coming in describing outbreaks of large numbers of people coming down with the H1N1 flu . In addition to the ones cited above in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, reports of the Hospitals already getting jammed with Flu patients in Cincinnati , Ohio, substantial outbreaks in Missoula and Butte Montana have been reported. Many others have also been seen as well. Another perhaps linked phenomenon has also been cited ......that of an unusually high concentration of chemtrails in those same locales and then a curious set of symptoms of odd "sunburn like or sun poisoning like " burns and strange rashes appearing within the last week or so on people who in many cases have no more outdoor exposure than walking to the mail box , working in the carport or garage , or waiting for a few minutes for a bus . Is there linkage between the chemtrailing , these odd burns and rashes , and the Flu outbreaks ? For alert Americans, this might just indicate that all preventive protocols for viral or bacterial illnesses should now be put into effect.....of course with a Dr.'s supervision. Your own White House said Monday 8/24/09 that the Flu Pandemic could stretch the U.S. Health system to capacity and HHS Secretary Sebelius in a press conference also described the need for possibly multiple shots and of the possibility of the virus mutating. Take precautions now............PREVENT IT ....DON'T WAIT TIL YOU ARE SICK TO TRY AND CURE IT. ALSO, TWO BIRDS I KNOW AREN'T TAKING A VACCINE.

Speaking of Bank Holidays, the Tennessee Commission of Financial Institutions in an August 9, 2009 posting on their web site stated the Policies for closure of Tennessee Banks due to a Flu Pandemic or other States of Emergency unspecified as declared by the President of the U.S. or the Governor. In that posted Policy Memo , they expected a 50 % or better absenteeism due to the Flu Pandemic in the Banks and other financial institutions in Tennessee. One could draw inference that other states are expecting the same type of absenteeism for their Banks and might we say their whole populations in general. So, the Flu Pandemic just might be the hook on which the collapse of the Banking structure and / or Dollar is to be hung upon.......of course it couldn't be the STILL TOXIC DERVIATIVES THAT TOTAL ACCORDING TO A PRESENTATION BY FOX' S GLENN BECK ON MONDAY 8/24 , OVER $ 644 TRILLION DOLLARS........ NAAAAAAAGH COULDN'T BE THAT OR THE GALLOPING FORECLOSURES, REAL UNEMPLOYMENT CLOSER TO 20 % THAN 10 % (PER SHADOW STATS AND OTHERS) , OR THE PRIVATE AND CORPORATE BANKRUPTCIES . OR THE COLLAPSE OF THE COMMERICAL REAL ESTATE MARKETS AS WELL AS RESIDENTIAL..

The earlier warnings of potential for Bank Holidays should still be watched carefully........get your $ out of harms way. Purchase food, Precious metals, ammo, heirloom garden seeds , or anything that will hold its value or be a useful commodity that you can consume or use if your ability to withdraw money from your Bank accounts is curtailed to say $500 per week total for some extended period of time or your safe deposit box was confiscated by the Federal Reserve, Dept. of Treasury , IRS , or even a Military or DHS Regional Governor under Martial Law.

Information that already Controls and Monitoring of All International Wire Transfers of money out of the U.S. have been put in and that any flagged are being assigned human agents for invesitgations.

Steve Quayle has always said ........International Money Flow Controls always lead to National Internal Controls of Money Flow. You had better stay ahead of this power curve. In addition the Lucie Joker Tut and his Congress in the Pocket are discussing seriously taking over all State Pension Funds and placing them into the non secure , only IOU's left Social Security System Watch out State employees, Teachers, Police, and Firefighters.

Back Door Open, Secession and Resistance Dialogues?

Sadly, in this seeming rush into Martial Law and the attempt to subjugate the U.S. population under a Totalitarian Regime........National Defense concerns specifically regarding the Defense of the State of Alaska of come from other deep background Military/ Intel/ Govt. sources . Apparently, the Lucie Joker Tut has cut over $1.8 Billion that is crucial for the defense of the U.S. from the Russians and Red Chinese in Alaska. Exact specifics of what was is being cut were not given, but the description of the ANGER IN THE MILITARY AND STATE OFFICIALS IN ALASKA HAS REACHED A FEVER PITCH........THEY SAY THAT FOR SOME REASON THE BACK DOOR HAS BEEN LEFT OPEN TO BEARS AND DRAGONS. WHY NOW WHEN PARTICULARLY RAMPED UP AGRESSIVE RUSSIAN SUBMARINE MANEUVERS , AGRESSIVE PENETRATIONS BY RUSSIAN NUCLEAR BOMBERS , AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW MISSILES TO TARGET U.S. SPACE ASSETS AS WELL AS DIRECT PROMISES OF RETALIATION AGAINST THE U.S. FOR ANY ATTACK UPON IRAN BY ISRAEL AND / OR U.S. MILITARY DIRECTLY OR IN ASSISTANCE OF ISRAEL OVERTLY OR COVERTLY.

Although secondary confirmation has not yet been obtained , the rumor heard on the backside is that now as many as 8 States of this united States are perhaps in earnest and very secretive meetings discussing possibilities of seceding from the Union . Exact names of the States were not given, but recent semi public discussions and some public press reported discussions were said to be surrounded around States Rights or 10th amendment resolutions. Do your own research for possible candidates.

Previous Alerts and Talons have described pocketed counties in Texas which have already quit taking Federal $ with all the Strings attached or have just told the Feds and particularly DHS that they are not going down this Totalitarian Hell Bound Road. Reports of LEO's, Military Officers and Troops that are planning non-partiipation and even outright resistance to any Martial Law push or violation to Posse Commitatus. Reports of major DHS Command rank resignations and Intel officer disappearances to bug out locales or other Countries are beginning to increase. Thank the Lord Jesus for all those bravely declaring and preparing to STAND AGAINST EVIL. The anger and readiness for revolt among the populace is already being noted daily.......All those NSA unconstitutional intercepts or those of its partners British GCHQ, and their AUSSIE counterparts of all electronic communications and radio and laser communications in CONUS and the entire Globe are already curling toes and increasing pucker factors among the more intelligent lucie minions......yet in their arrogance and evil blood lust they are simply now including no limitations of what technologies they will be willing to use against us. Hey lucies.......don't forget there is no Nuremburg Defense and your real destination with careeer dissipation is the FIREY LAKE . This time Lord Jesus comes back with a sword and hordes of Arch Angels.

Repent now and turn from your wicked ways. There is Power in the Blood of Jesus.

Anonymous Coward
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09/06/2009 12:40 PM
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Re: HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info
Long live the HAWK!

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09/06/2009 12:42 PM
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Re: HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info
This stuff was actually posted on Aug 25th...

Better late than never, eh?


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09/06/2009 12:58 PM
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Re: HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info
bump bump bump
Beyond one's own mind there is no dazzling light to come shining in from outside to wake one up. If one recognizes one's own intrinsic State as pure from the beginning and only temporarily obscured by impurities, and if one maintains the presence of this recognition without becoming distracted, then all the impurities dissolve. This is the essence of the Path-namkhai norbu.

Why is there a legend about the descent of Christ into hell? The Teacher addressed the lower strata of the astral world, saying: �Why, by cherishing earthly thoughts, bind oneself eternally to Earth?� And many revolted in spirit and rose higher.
Thread: I shot video of the earth from my spacecraft, enjoy!
Anonymous Coward
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09/06/2009 01:12 PM
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Re: HAWK EMERGENCY POST_Faction Wars - Civil War Preludes? Flu releases, foreign campers, black hawk down, alabama info
yawn yawn yawn yawn