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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati hell bent on destroying Christianity???
Poster Handle TXGal4Truth
Post Content
Because many of us will still be here to see HIM...believers and non. I think in those days many, many, believers will be kept around to continue to preach the word to those who don't believe so that they may be saved.

7 years....that's all we've got. 7 is the number of completeness. Wow, just noticed my user number has 777 in it. My b-day is 8-777. Weird.

If you want to cling to that you can do so. But what are you going to do when you don't see HIM (your Jesus god)?

You got less than 7 years btw.

See, this is what I don't get. Why would Jesus go to all the trouble of speaking to the masses, healing people, raising people from the dead, turn water into wine, feed the masses, die on the cross and rise from the dead--all for--NOT. He is the son of God...I'm not deluded...I'm not a nut case. I've read about it, read and re-read...and it's logical. The illuminati have convinced themselves that
they are enlightened and know more than the rest of us. Well, head knowledge doesn't mean a thing...they are deluded to think they can conquer us all and make their own kingdom here on earth. For those of you who are unbelievers--watch for the two witnesses someday...they will witness, be killed and then rise.
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