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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati hell bent on destroying Christianity???
Poster Handle Master Iddo The Prophet
Post Content
The OP is right.. Christianity needs to be destroyed before the New World Order can come onto existence.

The Christian Constitutions that developed after the reformation were unacceptable to the people who had One World Government as their main aim.

That makes it necessary to destroy the constitutions of the US, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.

..and this is happening at this very moment.

“Communism cannot be the victor if it will not have suppressed the still living Christianity. History speaks very clearly about this: the permanent revolution required seventeen centuries in order to achieve its first partial victory - by means of the creation of the first split in Christendom. In reality Christianity is our only real enemy, since all the political and
economic phenomena in the bourgeois States are only its consequences.”
- Christian G. Rakovsky. (Freemason, Communist, Internationalist and admitted 'one of them')

..small note though.. the illuminati does not exist anymore.
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