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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati hell bent on destroying Christianity???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Have you bothered to check out any of the ancient mythologies and teachings that the bible is BASED on? The Vedas? Krishna? Egyptian texts? All much older than the bible. All with man-gods that perform miracles.

The Bible is not based on those text. You obviously don't know how text are dated.

The Vedas are thought to have been WRITTEN in about 3000BC, after a very long oral tradition. The bible was WRITTEN after 50AD. Maybe you don't know how text are dated.

You are mistaken on several claims.

Right then. You show me where.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 772400

There are tablets from an oldest civilization they record. "The oldest known tablets written in stone," means little, as original biblical texts were copied to parchment repeatedly and the originals destroyed as they were used to the point of being worn out and useless. But by this time there were thousands of copies so originals were unimportant. Older scripture has no validity over the majority text in agreement. Majority coming from different parts of the world, all in agreement. This is what is found with the Textus Receptus Greek New Testament and Hebrew Masoretic Old Testament, King James Version manuscripts. Oldest known does not mean more credible or reliable in textual criticism, just means the originals were destroyed, lost or possibly being kept from us.

Genesis is the oldest on the planet.

The Jesuits and their counter-reformation use these pagan text to support their Luciferian attack on the Bible (Illuminati destroying Christianity).

See article:

God's unlikely Latin lovers
Yasmin Haskell | September 27, 2006

ONE of the most delicious paradoxes in the history of education is the fact that the Society of Jesus, a Catholic Reformation order founded by Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century, was the greatest single publicity machine for the literature of pagan antiquity from the late Renaissance until the French Revolution.

The ethos of the Society of Jesus was an apostolic one: its members were called less to contemplate than to preach, to harvest souls, to exert influence in the world. The order attracted active types - missionaries, musicians, mathematicians, artists, architects, scientists and poets -- and all Jesuits were required to do a stint of teaching in the society's free humanist schools.

The Jesuits are rightly acclaimed as the educators of early modern Catholic Europe. Among their brilliant alumni were Rene Descartes and Voltaire. While their curriculum and pedagogical methods were based on Renaissance models, the Society of Jesus translated traditional elements into a spectacularly successful formula of their own, forging an international educational empire that stretched from Rome to Russia, Mexico to Macau.
[link to www.theaustralian.news.com.au]
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