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Message Subject Why are the Illuminati hell bent on destroying Christianity???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
ALL monotheistic faiths of the God of Abraham are under attack. Christianity has been and is continually made into a complete farce in the popular media, tv, movies, music etc. It's very disheartening. Islam has been strongly associated with terrorism and death for centuries and especially in the past century, need I really elaborate on any of this? Judaism has become more and more secularized and disassociated from knowledge of the Torah. "Allah" is simply the Arabic word for GOD. Jesus spoke Aramaic and the Aramaic word for God is "Allah".GOD is GOD, plain and simple, and I repeat the God of Christians, Muslims, and Jews is the God of Abraham, don't forget.

Wake up people, true Muslims and Jews and Christians know in their hearts that each of their respective faiths are working together to fight against Satan and they wish no ill-will on the other. One of the things Muslims do on the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca) is that they throw stones at an obelisk representing the devil (which I think is awesome and I'm not a Muslim), now correct me if I'm wrong but there's a rather big obelisk in Washington D.C. in America that mockingly faces the monument of the assasinated president Abe Lincoln, right?

Most "Jews" of the world today are Ashkenazi Jews who arent really ethnically Jewish, they are Caucasian, meaning, from the Caucasus. They were the pagan Khazars (modern Georgia and thereabouts) who converted to Judaism for political reasons alone (and believe me, if you bring this up to any Ashkenazi, you will not be well received and every trick in the book will be used to refute you... the Truth hurts) "Jews" who are pale white with green and blue eyes, red hair? Jews in the middle east have brown skin, dark hair, dark eyes, for example the Jewish Palestinian Son of God named Jesus. Every Ashkenazi Jew I've met doesn't believe in God, but they play the counterfeit "Jew" card anywhere they can to advance in society. Torah abiding Sephardic Jews on the other hand, not the case. Beautiful people. Read the beginning of the Book of Revelations and you will understand what the Synagogue of Satan truly is.

Know this, anything that is continually bashed and beaten in the popular media as bad and evil is actually Good, and Visa-Versa. This is the age of double-speak at its most fluent and widespread. 1984 was one genius of a book.

Brothers and Sisters, be good to one another and pray for each other, that's the most we can do right now.
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