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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle BlueDolphin
Post Content
Shadow Dancer, I have known about this stuff for years...I think wheat was one of the first tampered with grains, I developed serious allergies to wheat. If following the logic of, "we are what we eat", the thinking person must give pause for what havoc is being wreaked in the human body ON A CELLULAR LEVEL after a steady diet of this crap. I have heard from others who stopped eating wheat, because it made them unable to think straight and gave them nightmares...! Those who have developed more sensitivity in themselves will notice the difference in the affects the GM foods have upon them, as well as the fact that GMīs just DONīT taste as good. But sadly too many rush around, out of tune with their own Organic rythyms, and JUST ARENīT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE WARNING SIGNALS! }}}*** If more people made a conscious effort to SLOW DOWN and REFLECT and turn their listening INWARD...they may discover a whole new level of discernment and discrimination opening for them...TRY IT PEOPLE! The Earth needs you to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rose..flower..grouphug..flower..rose
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