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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle BlueDolphin
Post Content
~ ~ ~ Did anyone read "The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley ? The part where it talks about the Plagues in Europe in the Middle Ages, very note worthy is that just prior to the outbreaks, the townspeople would observe strange lights, UFO activity in their local sky, followed by sightings of the "Grim Reaper" in their fields. Of course this character wasn´t actually "reaping" but the swishing motion back and forth of his arm as he walked through the rows of their crops, was an activity that to their mind was associated with REAPING. The wearing of the hooded robe was to obscure his non-human appearance as he SPRAYED PLAGUE VIRUS on their food crops. The image of the Grim Reaper now lives on as part of the story board of the collective consciousness, with all but a very few, aware of the true origins of this image.. <><><><> A security guard at a supposedly non functioning factory belonging to Dupont and situated in a remote place, spoke of a UFO craft being housed there, and during the time period when it was a productive site, more than one employee claimed that the Head guy there had anomalous powerful and unpleasant abilites. As he would stroll down the aisles overseeing their work, etc... he occassionally would choose one particular worker to pause in front of. This one employee in particular had gone through some torturous abuse at some point in his past. This was a buried secret in him. When the boss stopped in front of him, he locked eyes with the man and PLUMBED THE DEPTHS of his psyche, stirring and summoning up this memory of extreme pain within the man....and kept looking at him as the man was brought to the point of tears. The boss then smiled sadistically, broke his gaze away, and moved on.
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