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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"8. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) falsely claims expert consensus regarding the safety of GE foods."

The FDA has trashed good science by adopting the bad. Letīs look into the primary reason.

If these foods are to alter us genetically, there is a reason. Maybe we can see the results by looking at filled doctorsī offices, clinics, hospitals. So many are having health problems and donīt know why. They range anywhere from the flu to internal health disease, most suffering from alimentary problems. All of the money that goes into pharmacies, medical bills, and ultimately, the undertaker is sucking this country dry.

The object of these franken foods may well be to dull the already dulled senses, causing us to become docile and ready to allow TPTB have sway over every facet of our lives without protest, their goal. They have all of the worldīs wealth, so itīs not for money they do this.

Monsanto and their ilk can take the statistics to the heads of other governments, with the results produced from these franken foods, in order to entice them to allow such for their own citizens.

The spread of illicit drugs, sex, and porno has already softened up an unsuspecting public, by dulling the minds of our young, for this next step. Those of us with any sensibilies left must warn others.

Thanks for the warning, Shadowdancer. I will e-mail the info to my family, encouraging them to pass it on.
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