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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Shadow Dancer
Post Content
If you research there are lists on some sites that refer to companies that refuse to use GMO-stand behind them. Organic is better but no guarantee-research is the key-they are sneaking so much into the market...it is hard to isolate the stuff-they want to be incognito-because most people do not-DO NOT want the crap.

I know the EU is fighting against the GMO foods-but we are fighting Monsanto and the FDA-they work very closely promoting their agenda-whatever it is-imo it is against humanity...against freedom. Profit

Knowing that most EU countries do not want it to the extent they are sabre rattling already-threats that if we sell it they will NOT BUY American grown products-so most of those import items WILL NOT be GMO-at this time...study as they are clouding the truth with many deceptions to keep people blind and ignorant-

If I come across the lists I will post them.

I will also be covering this at
[link to silentconfession.com]

soon-and I will add as much as I can-alarm bells are urgent-This is NOT A JOKE

Once those sterile seeds Terminator seeds contaminate the fields next ot them-they are all sterile then-the only food one will be able to grow will be from their sterile one use seed and it is not ´right´ for the biochemistry of the human organism-believe me-avoid this crap as you would the plague. Let the progressive we believe in man crowd eat the GMO-

Peace and blessings to all flower
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