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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle BlueDolphin
Post Content
They are determined to scramble the cellular memory of the American people. Memory is very very important. Memory is needed for proper functioning of conscience as well. One of the reasons for adding so much aluminum to foods, aluminum attacks part of brain associated with memory! All these GM foods have had scrambled, the original cellular imprint put there by the Creator. The shuffling off of the Elderly into Nursing homes instead of honoring their wisdom, breaks the passing on of continuous family history that could otherwise occur. TPTB just plain want to keep us AMNESIAC and alienated from our own genetic histories, and hence,disempowered in that fog!! Lots of work to do my Friend! Continue to hold the sacred frequencies... you help more souls than you realize in this way ~ ~ ~ VICTORY TO THE HEALER ALCHEMISTS NOW!!! <><><><><><> headbang..protest..luv.protest..headbang
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