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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Shadow Dancer
Post Content
I am with you on this SO-I am all over Heirloom seeds and the necessity of acquiring them now. I have and I know you have but many are still snickering about the falling sky...Well, that is all well and good but what about sustainability.

Where is p btw? He should be able to point out the flaws in the science...where is he?

Many catastrophic weather anomalies and other shifts-techtonic plate upheavel coming -not dating but to be prepared as much as possible to survive.

Lots of rocking and rolling to come-water shortages-lots of it. One needs water to grow food-so with major EQ/techtonic plate shifts-disruption of water lines and gas lines-

My rice is from Minnesota-100% Natural

Northern Minn dark rice
address is North Country Foods, Inc.,
PO Box 730 Walker, MN 56484

I also have very large bags of rice and beans-some handy staples may not be ideal but could fill ones stomach. The stuff stores easy-just do not hoard or fema&friends will be knocking...afro
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