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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Shadow Dancer
Post Content
Hello Zack and Claycat-grateful you posted.


boycott GMO but also let FDA know you do not appreciate them supporting Monsanto, penalizing farmers, forcing them out of business-ESPECIALLY WITH THE ECONOMY STRUGGLING SO

What is the point of taxdollars helping Monsanto in 15 trillion ways and not looking out for the populace? It is beyond the tail wagging the dog...

Many of these FDA fatcats go on to lucrative jobs in the industry-like Searle and the Nutrasweet scam...pharmies in with this group also-It stinks of massive collusion IMO...monster

Oh with the research on dna changes-it is not good-there are very technical reasons why there is some credence to dna changes that are harmful to the physiological systems-they may come to a point when it is perfected-right now it is mad science and no one is laughing...
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