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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
<><><> Shadow Dancer! You are awesome, I so appreciate you posting all this important info...Yes, I am very familiar with the horrors wreaked by that hateful sonar, sprung from the drawing board of "Satan" himself imo. Virginia Beach has (had?) a significant Dolphin population that frequented the coastal waters there. They could be frequently seen close to the shore in the Chesapeake bay, and when they were fishing for their morning breakfast along the shores of the Atlantic there. I lived there for 5 years (up until last Sept) and I have many interesting unusual stories to share of experiences that I had involving the Dolphins and other encounters of anomalous origins. Telepathy with other species is NOT the realm of fiction...itīs all a matter of opening up and exercising those portions of the consciousness that have been shut out due to fear. Over the centuries, the suppressors of Truth, working under the guise of church "authority", persecuted, tortured and killed millions of psychically developed Nature worshipping Individuals (the vast majority of them women)...all done in the name of "GOD". To further obfuscate the truth, the name witch (that has its roots in the word WICCA, meaning WISE ONE) became entwined in defintion with the word Satan. The two could not be more opposite. The burning and torturing of those beautiful souls who sought Awareness and harmony with the PLanet, is a psychic WOUND that lingers still in the collective consciousness. Imo, this is a subconscious reason why alot of people shy away from exploring these realms, fearing punishment etc... and this also prompts them to ridicule and distance themselves with those more spiritually and psychically developed Souls who are showing the way to a greater realm of Awareness and communication. (remember, the "church" not only killed the "witch" but all those who were accused of "associating" with her too !) <><><> Yes, we ARE multi-dimensional Beings who have so much more to us that the official story would have you believe...Explore your own inner TRUTH and develop your abilities and donīt let fear stop you from it! Donīt deny it until you try it>..but like ShadowDancer said above, This really is a whole nother thread !!! I will start one later...right now a beautiful late afternoon breeze is blowing through the woods and singing a siren song to me... PEACE ON! rose rose rose
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