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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle BlueDolphin
Post Content
Shadow Dancer~ lol I can not hide in the realms of gender ambiguity any longer! I am Female also and at first I thought you were male but as I read more of your posts, I decided the tone was more female, now I know for sure ! lmao.. That´s one of the tricky things at GLP, and with the assortment of Avatars it can confuse what gender the poster is...but I purposely chose an Avatar gender non-specific because I want the content of my post to be the focus, not whether I am male or female! I do have a strong Saggitarius energy in my chart and that can lend itself to a yang vibration...but I am most definitely a hetero female (just to set the record straight!) Oy,so much for anonyminity! Peace and clarity ~ Blue Dolphin (also known as Stacey but don´t let that get out just yet!) 1rof1
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