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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Shadow Dancer
Post Content
It is a fluke of the place...I get alot of ´you are a man´ crud too. I guess some weaker ones assume the stronger ones are male...stereotypes... I thought you were female at first but the other avatar...threw me, then I thought, well-good-a self actualized male, not afraid of his female side...It is about balance the less we get stuck in societal expectations the fuller the experience of personhood and we are all One...so androgynous in view avoids the pre-eternal seeming conflict between girls and boys...Next the bunkies will want us to prove it with a link...pennywise

Cool, Dolphin take care, I am Christine


The whales are being blasted but is it to damage the harmonic activation capabilities...do a cetacean thread I will be all over it...resist the dross and manifest...The time is now...

Namaste flower
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