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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
A new thread today declares the cornflakes of death

as I have said

and will continue to say

the stuff KILLS

monSATAN KILLS and they have bought up most seed companies and vigorously pursued organic farmers or any farmers who find monsanto seed in their crops

they even had seed police that will creep into a farmers field to try and prove it-I SUGGEST THAT THEY WOULD CREEP IN TO RELEASE IT AS WELL KNOWING HOW LUCRATIVE IT COULD BE TO STEAL FARMLAND BY THE 1000S OF ACREAGE...

Open air pollination is HOW seeds pollinate with the help of bats, birds, moths, butterflies, and the DISAPPEARING BEES-

but these monsters are going all out to patent pigs or farm animals and to CONTAMINATE THE WORLD WITH THEIR STERILE SEED

Terminator seeds-they claim are illegal but their seeds/STERILE are combining with FERTILE seed and leaving it STERILE

They have many of their plants have "round up ready"(HELLO!?!??!!!!!) in the DNA of the plant-so it naturally kills EVERYTHING but monSATANs crap

nutricide is what it is and add Codex Alimentarius which is already affecting the purchases you can make in this country

best stop playing ostriches

the egg nest is about crushed....

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