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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Please see the following: Climate Catastrophe: Surviving the 21st Century
[link to www.organicconsumers.org]

This is small excerpt:
The Hidden Greenhouse Gas Damage of Food Inc.
Although transportation, industry, and energy producers are significant polluters, few people understand that the worst U.S. greenhouse gas emitter is “Food Incorporated,” industrial food and farming. Industrial farming accounts for at least 35% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (EPA’s ridiculously low estimates range from 7% to 12%, while some climate scientists feel the figure could be as high as 50% or more). Industrial agriculture, biofuels, and cattle grazing-including whacking down the last remaining tropical rainforests in Latin America and Asia for animal feed and biofuels-are also the main driving forces in global deforestation and wetlands destruction, which generate an additional 20% of all climate destabilizing GHGs. In other words the direct and indirect impacts of industrial agriculture and the food industry are the major cause of global warming.

And then I’d like to refer all of you to Rob Hopkins’ work in The Transition Handbook. Rob is a permaculture teacher who was living in Ireland and now is in the UK. ( [link to transitionculture.org] ) (btw, permaculture is a methodology of designing human settlements and agricultural systems to mimic the relationships found in natural ecosystems)

The Transition Handbook offers a permaculture perspective on addressing both climate change and peak oil in tandem. It offers a way to not only address these challenges which *are* on the horizon, but to do so in a way that cuts our energy usage, lowers our carbon footprint, relocalizes our communities, significantly incorporates urban agriculture, and builds resilience into our local communities to better withstand the impacts of climate change and peak oil.

There are now several “transition communities” across the United States. [link to www.transitionus.org]

Detroit is standing at a significant threshold. You could join hands with Seattle and follow us into the future; as a member of the permaculture community here, I think I can safely say we WANT to share our skills. And in doing this, you can reclaim your community, you can put people back to work, you can feed them good, healthy, local organic food, and you CAN HAVE BETTER LIVES DOING IT than you certainly have now, or - you could just continue to pour good money after bad, implementing more of the same that you’ve already had - which clearly hasn’t and isn’t going to work - abandon your community completely to crime and poverty, and stand by and watch as your city loses any remaining sense of its own heart and soul…
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