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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

[link to www.mindfully.org]

bush keeps trying to shove GM foods down the EU´s throat-they have repeatedly blocked them, from their market and most of the GM foods come from USA.
Since when does it benefit OUR government, to promote monsanto and the like businesses. In June 2003, President George W. Bush made the issue of lifting an 8-year European Union ban on genetically modified (GM) plants a matter of US national strategic priority. These foods have the potential to destroy our bodies and disrupt all biodiversity left; leaving in its wake of ´abundant food´ will turn into famine very rapidly.

Follow the collusion of Monsanto and petrol companies-an interesting symbiosis...

Why have so many heritage/heirloom seeds been outlawed-SEEDS of food-HMMMMM

This acronym stands for “genetically modified organisms,” or "genetically engineered food" Nothing close to Green Acres-more like blood acres-
Organisms we are suppose to eat???-it could contain human dna in the food or fish/lizard/buffalo/whatever-it is not "food" it is frankenfood and capable of making physiological changes-soon mad cow will be nothing compared to mad human-consuming human dna in this new organism food...just like the dead feed they fed our cattle-learning that the spongiform disease kills...

While genetic “modification” has been an agricultural practice for more than 100 years, it has traditionally involved cross-breeding two plants within the same species in order to create a hardier or better-tasting crop. The breeding of a new plant variety involved fine-tuning for the desired characteristics over the course of four or five plant generations, allowing the plant’s new genetic structure to stabilize before the seeds were released to market for wider cultivation. This careful directing of plant characteristics allowed for plant diversity and for adaptability within distinct bio-regions.

Modern genetic modification practices are much different. The GMOs now entering our food supply are coming from plants that have been created by a process called “biolistics,” whereby microbullets covered with the DNA of a foreign species are shot into cells of a “host” plant for the purpose of cross-breeding. Most cells thus assaulted die; the few that survive are propagated into plants for their seed, and from there a new plant form never before seen on earth is born.

The FDA currently does not require labeling of genetically engineered foodstuffs; the consumer right to know is only enforced by the FDA when it deems that the food has undergone a “qualitative change” by virtue of an ingredient or a process. The FDA has thus effectively stated that willfully manipulating a plant’s genetic structure by mating it with a species that would not naturally be a viable breeding partner, thereby creating a new life form, does not constitute a qualitative change to the plant itself. Go figure.

Meteors and volcanoes are dangerous-but what can we do outside of preparing for the inevitable is prudent. However, very little can be done outdside of that. This issue is one I hope the majority grasps and understand that massive steps need to be taken-to stop this frankenfood and the frankensteins trying to promote the death of humanity, by starvation. Privatization of water is being pushed too-see any connections?

RFID chips to buy and sell, to acquire food and water-Many say no way-watch how quickly it changes if starvation is the option....watch how multinationals corporations make themselves God.

 Quoting: Shadow Dancer

I am re-posting my first post on my thread(2005) in the hopes of those who continue to eat the sterile seed will heed the words of wisdom.

DNA changes are resulting and permanent DNA changes to something that may not be HUman...many anticipate changes that are dramatic throughout the world...but I am telling you in all sincerity this frankenfoods are the CONTROL measure they have planned to used for MANY DECADES.

Kissinger said it several times...he is one of 'their' mouthpieces

Secret meetings the world over by these vipers, these usurpers to that which is good and brings perfection to all things without the duress these one promote.

The obscenities uttered by them, with the twisting of ELOQUENT sacred truths they eschew vulgarities...they speak with split tongue

Trying to enrapture many in a WEB weaved with deceit

They obfuscate all truth if possible and promote man as a monkey-trying to ignore the state of his divinity

as they did in the beginning...again they denounce the divine man, divinely made for the pleasure of the Most High and in time ending they resist and rebel in GENETIC aberrations and anomalies...as IN THE DAYS OF NOAH they CORRUPT all that they can touch-


Take care folks and I do not count on luck it is not advisable-something greater is a better choice-as no amount of resisting them will stop them, it may slow them down....but they are powers and principalities assisting those who sell their souls for benefit...

they are LIMITED in their TIME

haven't gotten past the wall...

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