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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

some links from years back may or may not be worthwhile...as JANItoRs Clean and ScRuB the records and the truth lest the populace not abide in their lies...so they try and control all media to insure that anything too troubling can readily be buried for another month or another year...until collapse...as then the unruly people may present a real problem not just the rhetoric we hear daily and the DAILY arrests... :usprisrate:

Monday night I was in Boston and it was fairly dead for Boston...seems some were out...but it was really dead...is that how predictable most are???

I enjoyed the lack of crowds-reminded me of when I was much younger there-not a cluster

So where is the militants I hear about all the time and never see...except a canned spam news report???

And new "laws" now that cWHOREporations have a "right" according to supreme court...as a citizen of sorts...so they are going to try and prosecute folks who speak out or speak ill about their gene altered, manipulated, spliced animal, organism, plant creations...yes, if they cannot kill you to silence you maybe a fast acting cancer or something...then they will drag many to court-as the proof is destroyed or hidden daily to protect their trillions of dollar invested in helping the wickedNannny goosestep over all of us...

avoid the rfid(Dr Jose Delgado)...and nanos tie in with many problems(morgellons, etc)...trying to create a synthetic body...not so much for you or I but for these VIPERS to inhabit...using the HOST like the Ghould(like the sentient parasites in sTargaTe)
I do not watch it but I am familiar with it.

creating their utopic new man...aka PIGMAN they are over...

CYBRID...as they think themselves gods..but ARE FALLEN, they want to live forever-like the one they rebel against.

Make sure the seeds planted are not STERILE...I try to not eat STERILE seeds or plants...dead Qi-

So if there is info you find you may want in the future...I would get it as soon as you find it...for it may not be solid lead later to find it...floor sweeping...trying to keep as many plugged in to their matrix as possible...hoping enough buy into Cybers holographic effect and provide energy for these vampires...

we are similar to holographic...but far greater than most understand-but too many sleep in the land of Nod..

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