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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you Deutschland

Bill Gates acting the philanthropist as he is a Eugenicist and he and Rothschild have set up their super Heirloom seed banks without GMO....under massive guard and physical protection....why would he give so much to eugenics groups like Planned Parenthood

One thing m-FRANKENFOODS has done...they have been buying up seeds and heirloom seeds for about at least 3 decades-few noticed as I alarmed even then...

Then they proceeded to COPYRIGHT the seeds-even if it is a seed for 500 yrs ago...and if it is not patented they go and patent it....meaning even if your great great grandfather developed it...sorry grandpa has to PAY PAY PAY to use his seed he created even hundreds of years ago.

The other thing they have WORKED VERY HARD TO DO-is to get seeds or plant varieties from ALL parts of the world even seeds that m-frankenfoods would never access...but if it does not have a patent they go and get one...so even if a specific tree or plant only grows in africa or asia...and it is not patented...they go and get one....meaning those having the native plants pop up naturally-will then be in VIOLATION of copyright law...so they will have everyone by the kahunas seriously bad...and if one of "their" plants grows by pollination or contaminates a farmers crop...by air or wind or animal-tough luck for the farmer as he is ruined by FRANKENFOOD giants

from the depths of hell they have arrived and their plan is clearly demarcated


Thry have admitted it in books and in speeches and even in their dirty meetings like Bohemian grove or Bilderbergers

Know the truth-they will starve the survivors of any catastrophe-as it SERVES THEIR AGENDA


Iron Mountain report...and many other keys they have given the masses as they must tell you in some way...and hopefully everyone stays asleep...until they get their chip or RFID tattoo in everyone they can-those who refuse or oppose are mortal enemies of these VIPERS/DEMONS
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