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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
oh and here is slimeball billionaire...who will not answer many of the questions...

Bt maize is deadly toxic and many have had severe allergies

Yet he protects the heirloom seeds under guard-he and rothschild scammed it all

Disease resistant is BS...as in fact the pesticide is in the DNA of their plants...so it is not disease resistant the way they are presenting...but packs enough poison to kill many things besides NATIVE PLANTS or "pests"(I am sure their poison cannot differentiate between a bollweevil or a BEE...)


And why has frankenfoods found it so absolutely necessary to patent all seeds??? So they OWN the PROCESS of creating life

As they are the same group who dabbles in other DNA and copyrights humans DNA and you may one day pay for a test they could of never developed without your DNA...but that is tough luck for all of us...as most are too busy with BS to see the real threat-

Once you have no food or water all kinds of people will become much more COMPLIANT to anything-sadly most cannot handle conflict or pain, mainly seeking to be symptom free...even if the cancer is eating them alive.
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