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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are the typical lies...

I dare anyone to try and post a comment...anything neg about these spawn of satan and you will achieve an "error" try again...then do and make it nonsensical or backhanded...harder for their filters to grab...and it will give you the comment pending approval...hard to argue with truth they do NOT want out in the public arena

Such a lie...and acting all benign...disgusting

8 on the PLU is what is GMO likely...

avoid it if you want health

In fact, frankenfoods usurpers want to force ALL food and ALL prepared foods or seeds to BE UNABLE TO HAVE GMO FREE ON PACKAGING

They want the public so uninformed and IGNORANT and anyone that does have GMO free products penalized

Just as the CLONED meat producers or the one who feed their cattle GROUND UP DISEASED COW to be able to package it and to PREVENT the antibiotic free, steroid free and vegetarian fed cattle to NOT be allowed to STATE that-because the cheap, subpar cattle/beef sellers/producers want to charge top dollar for substandard chit.

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