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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Thx for the bumps.

I have not been here much-I just went through the anniversary of my very young brother in law-he died last yr

He had started to have breathing problems(his wife is a doctor) and he was intubated(32 yrs old) and he was disconnected about 3 days later...so this time of yr leaves me with more dread than not...and they just had the ceremony for the boy scout ring in KS being dedicated...

Swift Running Bird...

I hope everyone is being very proactive preparing some food store for themselves

Even if it is minimal it is IMPORTANT

And water filtration(funny the UN pushes for Codex Alimentarius...trying to dictate to the world...yet last yr I believe is when they declared that clean water WAS NOT A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT...but the size of their bananna or cucumbers are...or the dosage of a water soluble vitamin like Vitamin C is so strongly regulated and limited...INSANE would be an understatement)

I try to avoid spreading any GMO/GE frankenfood seeds...

It is good to seed natural chives and parsley in the wild even...or other herbs-heirloom and fertile seeds...

Spread the info and encourage research to understand what is at risk.

Take care in all ways.
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