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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Learn the truth, deny the lies
Post Content
bump for information that demonstrates deep problems with gmo, GE, frankenfoods...

[link to www.nodpa.com]

"The main function of rBGH is to increase the milk yield of dairy cows. However, it has many harmful side effects that affect the cows’ overall health. For example, cows that receive rBGH injections experience higher rates of mastitis, an infection of the udder that leads to swelling and inflammation. Not only is this painful for the dairy cow, it forces dairy farmers to rely on antibiotics to treat these infections.

Also, because it is a potent hormone that can disrupt normal fetal calf development, rBGH has been shown to lead to an increased incidence of birth disorders. Since the introduction of rBGH injections in the dairy industry, the number of calves born with birth defects to dairy cows has increased significantly."

Who wants pus in their milk or cheese???

Besides the cows health, human health is also impacted.

"A significant body of scientific data has linked rBGH to possible increases in cancer and antibiotic resistance in humans. The injection of rBGH in cows elevates another powerful growth hormone called IGF-1.

This hormone has been identified in numerous studies to increase breast, prostate, colon, lung and other cancers in humans. Scientific studies suggest that IGF-1 survives pasteurization as well as digestion and enters the bloodstream in sufficient quantities to potentially trigger increased cancer rates (2).

As previously mentioned, there has not been a thorough study examining the long term effects of rBGH in humans. However, both Canada and the European Union have taken a precautionary approach and banned the use of rBGH in their dairy cows."
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