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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Enviropig" or also called Frankenswine
[link to news.nationalgeographic.com]

seems an appropriate slur

it's alive and all that late night horror only in your food market...

or how about Scientists have recently taken the gene that programs poison in scorpion tails and combined it with cabbage. Why would they want to create venomous cabbage???

To fight the pests-sounds great until one considers how does a plant distinguish from a bee (pest) vs a caterpillar wanting to munch the crop???

I doubt it can.

Kudzu was a great idea too, until it now threatens many things in the South...or breeding Killer bees into the normal strains...now facing a massive die off of Bees-necessary to pollinate and Bats and butterflies taking a hit

maybe some Hemp growing, foregoing the fertilizers and pesticides they dump by the tons into streams, rivers, waterways, our sacred lands, and into the cycle and the rain-covering the earth with POISON

Like Sodium fluoride

in ones paste(usually) and kills rats too...great stuff eh???

Even Colgate was threatened by Tom's of Maine(without the rat poison, er, tooth whitener...)so Colgate bought Tom's

As Monsanto bought Blackwater(now called Xe I think) and wants to OWN ALL SEED-ALL OF IT

and has already bought most the real Heirloom seed companies the last 4 decades...only a few remain and they are harassed...just as shop owners and farmstands are already being shaken down...by THUGS
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