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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this info in this thread will continue to be compromised as Janitors clean and scrub

soon laws will be implemented which will silence many-and prevent the truth from readily being given

threats made
lives lost

so I suggest STRONGLY if one wants to have the facts together they get it while they can and save the truth for a time when it overpowers the deceptions and no other ruse is possible

Goats that spin silk??? Not quite but cannot be too far off-
Researchers inserted a spiders’ dragline silk gene into the goats’ DNA in such a way that the goats would make the silk protein only in their milk. This “silk milk” could then be used to manufacture a web-like material called Biosteel.
[link to www.mnn.com]

"A genetically modified organism, or GMO, is an organism that has had its genetic code altered. The jury is out, scientifically speaking, about whether GMOs are safe in our food supply, and this is why GMO foods are banned in some parts of the world. Until they are proven to be safe, this eater is avoiding GMO “Frankenfoods."
From "Eat Where You Live", Copyright © 2008 by Lou Bendrick.

More than one million signatures have been gathered in a legal bid to "freeze" GM crop cultivation in the European Union, but a Brussels official said Wednesday the complaint would be passed to "political" advisers. [link to www.mnn.com]

MORE THAN ONE MILLION(!!!) while the media acts as an accomplice covering the real dangers of this crap

If more were informed well over several million would sign

SUCCESS that many are becoming informed and dissecting the facade of monsanto as god....

"Fifteen GM crops are currently seeking authorisation. Environment ministers from around the EU will try next week to settle controversial commission plans allowing individual EU nations to opt out of cultivation in exchange for not blocking crops' development on other territories." from link above

"This is the stuff of my nightmares: Genetically modified (GM) plants escaping the confines of agriculture and invading the wild. We thought regular invasive species were bad? They seem tame compared to genetic contamination of the wild. Even more alarming: Some of the plants had a mix of modified genes, indicating that they are reproducing on their own.
Although GM plant populations in the wild have been found in Canada, this is the first time they have been found in the United States.
Although GM plant populations in the wild have been found in Canada, this is the first time they have been found in the United States."
[link to www.mnn.com]

Dangerous especially as they take community farmer to court again and again taking farms away-ruining many so corporate superfarms can take over and own all

Bovine Growth Hormone

This drug, known as rBGH for short, is not allowed in Europe. In contrast, U.S. citizens struggle even for laws that allow hormone-free labeling so that consumers have a choice. This should be an easy black-and-white decision for all regulators and any corporation that is really concerned about sustainability: give consumers the information. We deserve control over our food choice.
Read more: [link to www.care2.com]

or Chlorinated Chickens

Amid cries that eating American chickens would degrade European citizens to the status of guinea pigs, the E.U. continued a ban on chickens washed in chlorine.
Read more: [link to www.care2.com]

In Europe, the precautionary principle requires that the suppliers of chemicals prove their additives safe, or they will be banned. Of course, although the E.U. has banned phythalates in toys, both phythalates and bisphenol-A remain approved for food contact uses — subject to strict regulations on their use.Read more: [link to www.care2.com]


Action is afoot as the UK evaluates a ban on synthetic food colors. Regulation in the E.U. often starts through the leadership of one Member State, which pushes the concepts up to Brussels after a proof-of-concept pilot phase. Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Orange B, and Red 3 are among the food colors associated with hyperactivity.
Read more: [link to www.care2.com]
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