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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Destruction of Forest Life:

GM trees or "supertrees" are being developed which can be sprayed from the air to kill literally all of surrounding life, except the GM trees.

There is an attempt underway to transform international forestry by introducing multiple species of such trees.

The trees themselves are often sterile and flowerless.

This is in contrast to rainforests teaming with life, or where a single tree can host thousands of unique species of insects, fungi, mammals and birds in an interconnected ecosphere.

This kind of development has been called "death-engineering" rather than "life-" or "bio-engineering."

More ominously pollen from such trees, because of their height, has traveled as much as 400 miles or 600 kilometers - roughly 1/5 of the distance across the United States.
[link to www.raw-wisdom.com]

What about the stink bug invading the southeast-alleged it is linked to bio engineered plants

Seems their fixes cause disaster after disaster
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