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Message Subject Frankenfoods for YOU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
About to the point of Endgame

Research for the interested:

The revolving door of these cretins as they line their own pockets, likely making all kinds of mad cash by selling their souls

Check some of these out for yourselves, and see the greed and the profiteering they gain, while the public is set up for genocides

Linda Fisher
EPA and Monsanto-she has gone back and forth about 3 times or so-no insider info here eh??? No conflict of interest???

Anne Veneman
Board of Directors at Calgene, later purchased by Monsanto
and also
Secretary of Agriculture
(Fiduciary responsibility being ignored perchance?)

Micky Kantor
Board of Directors at monsanto...and...wait for it...Secretary of Commerce....whoa...that speaks loudly eh

Lidia Watrud
Biotech Researcher for Monsanto and...wait for it...EPA

Donald RUMSfeld President of Searle, subsidiary of monsanto-pushed aspartame(serious side effects, including death) and he was Secretary of Defense

William Ruckelshaus
Monsanto Board Member and Chief Adminstrator of EPA

Justice Clarence Thomas
monsanto's Lawyer for Regulatory Affairs and Supreme Court Justice ruling in 1996 in monsantos favor...Conflict of interest???

Michael Friedman
Senior VP GD Searle, a division of Monsanto and also...the Acting Commissioner of the FDA...

Bush Jr had his hand in the corruption and I am sure he sold out as well as Ashcroft who received more $$$$$$ from monsanto in the 2000 election than anyone previously-so that assclown was owned as badly as many of these usurpers

Seems they are not looking out for the public's interest-only their own

Know the truth-boldly speak it

Pretty evident they think they are above the law-and talk about corruption-beyond comprehension for most people-who can be that evil and selfish, as well as, shortsighted?

Those that seek to own the seed own the world
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