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Anyone Thinking Of A Tom Clancy Scenario Tonight?

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2009 06:11 PM
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Anyone Thinking Of A Tom Clancy Scenario Tonight?
Tom Clancy wrote two bestselling thrillers about a pilot deliberately flying a fuel-laden jet into the Capitol building and killing the President and top leadership (Debt of Honor , 1994; Executive Orders, 1996).

Clancy wrote two novels about jets being crashed into the Capitol by terrorists. But according to Congressional testimony, the military never imagined that the 9-11 scenario was possible: that's why NORAD didn't show up on September 11.

Rubbish. The military could not have been surprised by September 11. The September 11 plot -- the slamming of fuel-filled jet planes into public buildings in acts of terror -- was hatched by their baby, Tom Clancy, obviously with their help.