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Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner

The Regulator
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09/10/2009 11:44 PM
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Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner

This is all good but scary, be sure and read the last paragraph

This is a powerful article appearing in the Canada Free Press. A lot of
analysis here and some scary dialog. JB Williams is a business man and a no
nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American
philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the
~ ~ ~ ~
Obama's Well Organized Community Is Falling Apart

Obama has now become a noose around the neck of every American Democrat!

By JB Williams Tuesday, August 18,

It's now official-the average American is not as stupid as Washington DC
Democrats and their international leftist friends thought. Their mystery
messiah has already gone from hero to zero after only seven months in power,
and Obama has now become a noose around the neck of every American Democrat,
and every international fascist who "hoped" Obama could usher in Marxist

Nobody can organize a community like a good old fashioned communist thug
can. It worked long enough to put a mystery man in the Oval Office, thanks
to international socialists working through CPUSA - SPUSA and DSAUSA, funded
by literally hundreds of leftist front-groups operating as special interest
527 organizations.

Here's a short list of the BIGGEST leftist front groups - America Coming
Together - Joint Victory Campaign 2004 - Media Fund - Service Employees
International Union - American Federation of State, County, and Municipal
Employees - MoveOn.org - New Democrat Network - Sierra Club - EMILY's List -
AFL-CIO - League of Conservation Voters. Who spends an obscene $1 Billion
dollars to win a lousy $400,000 per year job, and why?

The people behind Obama expect a return on their investment. And they are
NOT the kind of folks you want to disappoint. These folks make Capone look
like a choir boy.

Before the ink was dry on Obama's fake Certification of Live Birth (not to
be confused with an actual birth certificate), Obamanation was off to
confiscate control of banking, insurance, energy and auto manufacturing.
Before they knew what was happening, the American people woke up the proud
new owner of Government Motors and $13 Trillion in debt.

But it wasn't until Obamanation tried to confiscate control of 1/7th of the
US economy by nationalizing the private American health care industry that
the people took to the streets in protest.

On the heels of dozens of angry Town Hall meetings turned public tar and
feathering parties for countless career DC bureaucrats, Obama and his
Democrat partners in crime found themselves in a historic freefall from
popularity among average American taxpayers. Eight months into office, Obama
has bounced Jimmy Carter from his famous position as America 's worst

The people behind the puppet in our Oval Office did what leftists always do.
They over-estimated themselves, under-estimated the American people, and
over-played their hand. They actually thought that Americans would sit quiet
as unbridled leftists trampled all over 300 million Americans. That was the
good new..

As Obama becomes an anvil chained around the neck of DC and international
leftists, he becomes a liability to their agenda. These folks have an
interesting way of dealing with political liabilities.

Losing control of their agenda and in a power-slide towards the bottomless
pit of political has-beens, Democrats are desperate to keep their
international friends at bay. But at the same time, being career politicians
always focused on self-preservation, they must find a way to get re-elected
by people ready to lynch them in Public Square .

Obama has foolishly allowed himself to be pushed into a no-win position, in
his unlikely quest to "make history" by becoming the first "black" mystery
messiah allowed to sit at the big desk with his finger on the red button.

In short, he's in way over his head, just as many worried would be the case
with a freshman politician complete with blank resume. Nancy "crazy as an
out-house rat" Pelosi is no help and Harry Reid is headed for the political
boneyard no matter what.

Teddy Kennedy is in no position to lead the young lad out of the woods, and
wannabes like Chucky Schumer and Bawny Fwank will soon be looking for an
escape hatch of their own. Time to Bring in the Heavy Artillery and Circle
the Wagons

Since Obama just won't become the "transparent president" he tricked so many
voters into voting for, the issue of his constitutional conflict won't go
away. $1.35 million in legal defense fees later, the demand to see proof
that he passes Article II requirements is getting louder.

Despite around the clock media efforts to paint every constitutionally
conscious American a "right-wing racist Timothy McVeigh," the people seem
only further agitated by the leftist suggestion that NO American citizen has
"proper standing" to question their employees (elected representatives) on
even the most fundamental questions.

Obama's problem with Americans isn't the color of his skin. It's the bright
RED color of his belief system and agenda. He is undoubtedly making mentors
like Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshal Davis and Bill Ayers quite proud. But he is
clearly losing the support of many Americans in that effort.

Before the dissent gets any wider spread, they have to do something.

Out of nowhere comes Obama's "experts" on national security, the Southern
Poverty Law Center. At the time of SPLC's founding, Julian Bond, who
currently chairs the NAACP, was named the fledgling group's first President.

On the basis of these folks, Obama's Department of Homeland Security issued
a "Right-wing Extremist" threat analysis, labeling every American with a gun
or bible, or willing to publicly oppose Obama, a "potential domestic

Yesterday, British newspaper The Independent published a story titled The
right-wing crackpots taking over the mainstream, in which British leftist
writer Rupert Cornwell proceeds to assault all American citizens who are
currently speaking out against Obama's "global" agenda, and warns of coming
civil unrest, and of course, his authority on the matter is the Southern
Poverty Law Center.

From the report, one SPLC official says, "every element is in place for a
"perfect storm" of home-grown extremism. For the first time, the detested
federal government is run by a black man."

There ya have it! That was easy! It's all about the "black man!"

"A struggling economy fuels discontent, with illegal immigrants accused of
stealing American jobs."-Or is it that unemployment has doubled to the
highest level since the great depression, under the "black mans" brief

"The military, long a breeding ground of the far right, is sending home
veterans in vast numbers."-Yes, those crazed military veterans.

And don't forget. "Finally there is the internet, which simultaneously
propagates and intensifies the feelings of true believers-and the conspiracy
theories they devour.."-The so-called "birthers" have made headlines all
over the world?

Clearly, Cornwell received his talking points memo from David Axelrod, who
obviously got his from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Observer got the
memo too, and they wasted no time attacking every American at odds with
Obama's agenda.

It's American Patriots against the world, or at least the leftists of the

Cornwell concludes, "So might not elements even further to the right enter
the fray-"sovereign citizens" who believe they are above the law, or the new
"Oath Keepers" movement, of soldiers and police officers past and present,
who believe their duty is to the constitution, not to elected politicians?
Perhaps the healthcare rallies and the SPLC report were no coincidence,
after all."

Well, let me just say that I think Obama's life could in fact be in danger,
but not from Tea Party protesters, Town Hall protesters or so-called
"birthers." All of these folks are well aware of the reality that
assassinating the first "black" president would be counter-productive to
their agenda.

The Obama press has been burning the midnight oil trying to make certain
that Hillary Clinton's "right-wing conspiracy" ghosts were set up to take
the fall for any misfortunate event that might befall an increasingly
unpopular president. No "right-winger" is likely to even break wind in
Obama's direction. His leftist international friends are quite another story

These are BIG buck-BIG socialism folks who play by no particular set of
rules, people like George Soros. As Obama becomes more of a liability than
an asset to their cause, it is his own people who are most likely to make a
martyr out of the mystery messiah.

In the British Observer, writer Paul Harris is even more extreme in his
column, Fears for Barack Obama's safety as healthcare debate fuels extremism
. and once again, we see the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The stage is being set. If anything happens to Obama, the entire world has
been put on notice that Americans opposed to socialism from a "black" nobody
president who won't even release his birth records, are responsible.

This leaves the door wide open for Obama's own friends to commit the crime
with impunity, as they have already placed the American patriots'
finger-prints on the imaginary murder weapon.

It would be the perfect crime blamed on the perfect right-wing storm. It's

The leftist press around the world has already accused and convicted
"right-wingers" of the murder. Talk about your grand conspiracy. Nobody does
it better than the international leftist cabal.

But who is this Southern Poverty Law Center responsible for all of the
recent "hate speech" aimed at constitutionally concerned American citizens
opposed to bankruptcy-by-communism in America ?

In 2007, SPLC identified 888 separate "active hate groups" in the United
States .

Despite the events of 9/11 and an ongoing threat of additional terror
strikes here and abroad, not one of the 888 "active hate groups" identified
was Islamic. Detroit Michigan had more violent killings than Iraq and

Afghanistan combined, but none of the groups responsible for those killings
made the list of 888.

Only white, capitalist, constitutionalist, Christian, pro-freedom, in other
words, "right-wing extremists" made the list.

Black on white crime is not "hate." Black on black crime is not "hate."
Muslim on Christian crime is not "hate." According to the Southern Poverty
Law Center, only white, Christian, capitalists opposed to Marxism and
attending Town Hall meetings are guilty of "hate."

That's what their report says, and everyone from Obama's DHS and FBI to
England 's press has bought that report hook, line and sinker.

I too fear for Obama's life. But not from any of the people attending Tea
Parties or Town Hall meetings in an effort to talk with their elected

I fear that Obama's life is increasingly in danger from the very people who
put him in power - The people he is currently failing, as the American
people stand up to stop his secular socialist global agenda.

I am 100% opposed to the Obama administration and today's Democrat agenda.
But I am here to tell you that the worst thing that could happen in America
today is for Obama to be assassinated. Every Obama opponent knows this. He
would be safest if he were guarded around the clock by American
conservatives opposed to his entire agenda.

Only his leftist partners around the world would benefit from his
assassination. Their agenda would move forward unchallenged if anything were
to happen to Obama or his family.

As his agenda meets with serious resistance at home, his puppet masters
abroad will lose faith and eventually, their patience. Only a freshman
senator would have fallen for the trap Obama finds himself in today.

He can't win. If he's very lucky, he can only live to tell about it one day.

Obama has spent an entire lifetime surrounded by some of the world's worst
thugs. If he is unable to move their agenda forward, his life will be at
risk from within his own ranks.

However, the nation and the world will pay a heavy price, as both are being
conditioned to blame it on average Americans who simply oppose all forms of
intrusive tyrannical government.

As Obama's agenda is shut down by average Americans, his friends will turn
on him. Liberals are already warning him not to back off on nationalized
health care. But the people are not going to allow it to go forward.

Even though I oppose everything Obama is and everything he stands for, I
pray for his safety. You can bet your last dollar. his well organized
community is falling apart as his agenda begins to crumble. They will be
very motivated to ignite a second civil war as they watch their agenda die a
brutal political death.

Nothing would ignite a second civil war faster than the assassination of
Barack Hussein Obama. I can only pray that the Secret Service does not take
their cues from the Southern Poverty Law Center. If they are no better at
understanding political security than British op-ed pages, Obama's life is
indeed in danger.

Not from so-called "right-wing extremists" angry over Obama's blatant
disregard for the Constitution today. But from within his ranks, as those
who placed him in power, become saddled with his failures.

[link to theregulatorsvigilancecommittee.ning.com]

[link to theregulatorsvigilancecommittee.ning.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 762531
09/11/2009 12:25 AM
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Re: Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
For Opportunistic Reasons, The British May Assassinate President Obama

August 13, 2003 (LPAC)- "I am concerned of the fear that the British, for their own opportunistic reasons, probably are considering arranging the assassination of the current President of the United States," Lyndon LaRouche said today. "After all, he's only a poker chip on the global historical playing table, and they will banish him if they think it's convenient for them at this time. They may let him linger on for a while, build up some more steam around him, so that when he really goes down, it has a bigger effect."

LaRouche took note of Obama's total inability to deal with the rising mass strike wave of protests and hatred against his government, and against the Congress, that is sweeping the nation. Obama has now become inextricably associated in people's minds with the little Hitler moustache — courtesy of LPAC organizing from coast to coast. And he and his advisors (like "EZ Kill" Emanuel) can't get away from LaRouche's documented charges that they are promoting the Nazi policy of euthanasia. More and more Americans are coming around to a very simple conclusion: Whatever he is, Obama is not really an American.

"It is obvious that Obama is now becoming increasingly useless, or approaching a point of uselessness, or negative usefulness, to the British people who are actually controlling him," LaRouche explained. "So watch out for the Queen, because when she moves to pinch his butt, it may mean she's saying goodbye to him."

"The British could certainly assassinate this bum President. He's now exhausting his usefulness. They are going to think in those terms. That's the way they think—if you call it thinking.

"Look at the mentality of those in the United States who are complicit with the relevant Saudis, including the Saudi ambassador in Washington, in setting up 9/11. And look at the whole game with 9/11 that was played, even to the present day still, as a psychological warfare game. Look at the question about the torture issue, the fact that it's still debated by the President himself, on this issue.

"The British and their allies are capable of all kinds of mischances and horrible things. And unless we can settle this thing politically, by getting the President under control, and come under control alive, we're going to have a real mess on our hands.

"Because they will assassinate him, because they will love the confusion this causes. And they will hope that confusion finishes off the United States, which is always the British ambition: to get rid of the United States. That is their intent — except only stupid jerks don't know that. So anything that discredits and helps to destroy the United States at this stage, they will do, including assassinating the President. And they would do it! That's where the danger to his life comes from, is from the British."

LaRouche concluded by again emphasizing Obama's crippling Nero complex. "He is really a copy of Nero. You think of Nero as a big man in history, but really he was only a little piece of crap, occupying a big position. That's the same thing of Obama: a little piece of crap occupying a big position. And his ego is in proportion to that disproportion."

[link to www.larouchepac.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 768054
United States
09/11/2009 12:30 AM
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Re: Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
Great read!

Thankyou, OP! bump
~*Spiral Light*~

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09/11/2009 12:39 AM
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Re: Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
The Zionists don't like Obama anymore, because he is standing up to Israel. Telling them to freeze their settlement activity in the West Bank, and that has Israel's panties in a bunch over Obama. Plus, he talks to Israel's "enemies" (Iran) and Israel doesn't like that.

Since that happened, Obama has been demonized.

Don't fall for it.
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/11/2009 12:47 AM
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Re: Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
Looks like a lot of people are after him.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 518190
United States
09/11/2009 01:16 AM
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Re: Subject: From Canada: Obama's downfall right around the corner
good read..............