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The alien technology of human cloning used on Earth

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09/12/2009 05:06 PM
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The alien technology of human cloning used on Earth
Here I adding the LINK in case:

[link to www.geocities.com]

The alien technology of human cloning used on Earth

The Confederates of Nirvana dominate the alien technology of human cloning with great perfection. Not only the external appearance is cloned with precision, but also the internal organs.

To facilitate the access to the Backstage reality, the members of Nirvana can sometimes be replaced by a clone which is an exact copy of them, the same way actors and actresses are replaced with stunts in a terrestrial movie.

So an alien clone can follow the ordinary routine of a character (going to work, to the school or university, to the course, to the gym, etc.) while the actual person is in the Backstage reality doing something more important or urgent like participating in the alien war, neutralizing alien reptoids of Dragonia, or rescuing Neutrals imprisoned in some of the Dragonia's alien bases on Earth through the rapid use of teleportation.

These clones can also be used in dangerous moments of confrontation in the terrestrial society with the characters of alien lizards of Dragonia, especially by new members of Nirvana that do not have yet enough training to face them in certain situations.

When a character is no longer necessary on the surface of Earth, or when the person simply wants to leave Earth (or to leave his or her character) forever, a pretended death can be arranged. The person is then replaced with a clone, and the body of the clone "dies" : it may be an accident, a disease, a heart attack, anything.

A human clone using alien technology can also be used if a person will stay outside the surface of Earth for a long period but intends to return to his or her character in the future.