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Subject The Holographic Prison - The Renegade Reptilian Race
Poster Handle Rwederfoort
Post Content
The Renegade Reptilian Race

A group of the renegade reptilian race Anunnaki of Nibiru and Alpha Draconis (the “fallen angels” or infernals) is inhabitant between two worlds in the lower astral planes of the Fourth Dimension of planet Earth, a dimensionally instable region and not permanent for the establishment of a galactic race. Dwelling in this place beyond the human sensorial perception, its integrants are invisible to human beings allowing them thus to be able to work “behind stage”, as the puppeteers on a puppet theater, in the temporal or permanent possession and the manipulation of the “sleeping” humanity, that is, who lives in a drowsiness of the material life, and to act in the earth governments through cunning and unscrupulous human agents. Due to the proximity to third dimension they can manipulate and feel this dimension. Popular wisdom calls these beings, “demons.”

There is room here for the observation that the reptilian race is one of the most ancient alien races of the galaxy, spread for many universes and with many variations. They are creator beings experts in genetic manipulation and they practically created the Earth humans. A great deal of our DNA is reptilian. And a great deal of the star seeds incarnated in this planet for the awakening of the Age of Aquarius is of reptilian star family. Christic Reptilians are part of the Ashtar Command and are under the authority of the Cosmic Christ represented by Lord Jesus Sananda.

The reptilians herein referred to are a group of fallen-from-grace beings, some galactic criminals that refused to reform themselves and follow the ascension of their brethren of race, and instead, they persisted in their crooked way. They do not obey any galactic laws nor cling to any protocol. They are an astute and highly wicked minority within the galactic races, herein referred to as infernal or satanic beings, which followed their leader Lucifer or Satan. They have a dark past of destruction of worlds and of galactic wars before they took over by force planet Terra or Shan.

These beings only understand material power enforced by force through weapons, control and manipulation of others and fear own and inflicted in others. For them that is the only possible and true reality. They have a deep inner fear. The world from their perspective is a composite of opposite forces competing for power, there is no unity. Their gods and their ideals are the ultimate warriors.

Unfortunately these beings do not walk alone: to them were joined other renegade group from Zeta Reticuli (we make clear that not all Zetas fall in this category, there are positive ones). These Zeta renegades have made pact with several governments and research hybrid projects, cloning, are responsible for abductions, etc. This is subject for another article.

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