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Message Subject Aliens from outer space or the great deception?
Poster Handle the only thing i know is that
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There were two creations. This is stated in the Bible. The first was a creation of God the Creator, and had nothing to do with the fleshy prison of temptation that we currently reside in. It was a spiritual creation, in which the celestial was made, ie. angelic beings. God is not perfect, omniprescent, omnipotent, or any other man-made word that is within our understanding to comprehend. EWO, you were on to something, and much of what you say is truth. God (the True Creator) is love, and love is not perfect in the way that we think perfect to be. Lucifer decided to usurp the Creator, believing himself to be an equal of, and capable of being greater than, God. And so he tricked a group of angels into following him, and making a mockery of the True Creation, encasing our spirits into souls which were then trapped within matter, or physical existence. This can be deciphered by Jesus repeatedly stating that He was not of this world, and that those who were of Him were also not of this world, meaning that he did not come to us to save everyone. He came to open the minds of those of His creation who were trapped by Darkness (the Devil), still allowing us the free will to choose the path on which we walk. God could have corrected the imperfection of Darkness, but in His infinite Love, allowed Lucifer many chances to come back into the Light. However, Lucifer, being the Great Deciever, decieved even himself, thinking that he indeed was greater than God and forgetting that without God, the Devil's Darkness would consume himself. And should God have forced the correction, those angels who were tricked by the Devil would have been lost forever. And so we have gone through the ages, our memories wiped with every passing while behind the scenes the forces of Light and Darkness battle for our souls, though the end is near. Rather than risk losing any more of His angels, God will return and sever the link between the Darkness and Light, and the Source of the Devil's power will be gone, and everything that is evil shall dissipate and the Creation will once again be as it was. Believe what you will, the truth is within your hearts. Be wary of anything that causes divisions amongst you, or serves as a distraction from seeking to know the glory of God. It is stated that if you ask, you will be answered. If you knock, He will open. If you seek, it will be found. Reconnect with your spirit, and break away the ties you have with this world. it is the only way, though the path will be difficult, you will have Him to guide you. Fear not, for fear is food for the Devil. hold on to your Will, for that is the key to salvation. Darkness cannot put it's mark upon you if you do not submit your Will to it. Religion is the lie; Jesus destroyed the temples and stated that He would raise them in 3 days time. The temple is within those of us who are of Him, as Christ is in all things. May the Light be with you.
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