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Message Subject Lady Gaga = Agent of the Illuminati & Free Masons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah, the Freekmasons are basically gentiles following Jewish Kabbala, or the Babylonian Mystery Religions.

The Synagogue of Satan hiding behind Jewery runs the record business, and they want to actually destroy the white race and bring about a third way.

We are in a current cycle of duality and "THEY" want the third way. They think by creating a sex of hemaphrodites they will complete this.

Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite as is that recent African runner that just got disqualified, so is Gisele the fashion model.

All the plastic containers have a estrogen mimicker that cause homosexuality in males and dykes.

The vaccines are part of this agenda as well.

But what do you expect of Central Bankers who own the world and hold us hostage with debt slavery.
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