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Message Subject Lady Gaga = Agent of the Illuminati & Free Masons
Poster Handle Fayefaye1305
Post Content
Sorry to burst your guy's bubbles, but Lady Gaga has nothing to do with the Free Masons. Trust me. My family has been in the Free Masons their entire life. There's nothing 'secret' about them. Yes, they have ties to the Knights Templar and all that jazz, but they aren't Satanic or anything like that. It's just a group of old men sitting around and chit-chatting. The only time they have anything secret is when they induct someone, and that's just to make it seem cooler. Seriously. If the Free Masons were going to take over the world, don't you think they'd have done it by now? There are Free Masons all over the U.S. and parts of Europe, and quite a few of them are in high positions. You guys are just looking WAY too into these things.
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