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Message Subject Lady Gaga = Agent of the Illuminati & Free Masons
Poster Handle Fayefaye1305
Post Content

"There's nothing 'secret' about them."

You just blew ANY chance at ANY credibility, ya lying sack-o-shit.

Even the bottom 3 degrees (blue degrees) have secrets and secret oaths, but they (and your family) are basically just the useful idiot level.

You are a fucking ignoramus.

I'll be sure to keep that in mind should the Free Mason take over the world and all that. But seriously. Are you guys listening to yourselves? Like I said, if they wanted to take over the world, they'd have done it LONG ago. Nearly every important figure in history was/is a Free Mason. Da Vinci, Mozart, Ben Franklin, George Washington..etc. There have been free masons in the entertainment business, but they're all older and (mostly) actors.

Besides, the free masons are built on fairly strict morale standards. You have to have a certain mannerism and things like that to be one. So I really doubt that Kanye is a free mason. And like someone else said, women can't be free masons. Women can join but it's a different group, but they're there to serve the men (which is while I'll never join).

Oh. And just to add to your apparent paranoia...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!! True story. =]
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