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Message Subject Lady Gaga = Agent of the Illuminati & Free Masons
Poster Handle living Horus
Post Content
Come on, the hand gesture, like focussing a camera that is zooming into her? You people have no clue.
Oh there is enough masonic and occult stuff everywhere.
But how you explain it in her clips? Get a grip please.

Lightning bolt from her eyes, zeus.
Orgies. Dionysus

Ever asked yourself why banks all have the double snake
staff as a symbol? The caduceus? No? Symbol of trade.
The winged wheel on many emblems and railwaystations.
Travel.(ferri's buellers day off, and whatch the guy in the thunderdome( the announcer) in mad max the thunderdome, the staf with the winged wheel)
And the beehive is industry.

You people realy don`t have a clue. )O+->
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