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Message Subject Lady Gaga = Agent of the Illuminati & Free Masons
Poster Handle klins
Post Content
Hi guys,
I dont know about Lady Gaga,But women are not allowed in Freemasonry.
I think you are all getting it wrong.Freemasons are not satanic.Infact,one of the requirements to join freemason is that you have to believe in God.If you are an atheist,you will be turned down.I am a Nigerian Mason and I live in sweden.I have been a Mason for 5 years and there is nothing Satanic about it

Please read about freemasonry very well from a Freemason website,not website created by people who are ignorant of Freemasonry

If Free masons are satanic,does it mean that the Founding fathers of United states like Benjamin Franklin,George Washington,etc are Satanic?.If they are satanic,Why did they leave such wonderful Lagacies for you?,why is it that what they laboured with their sweats made United States the most powerful nation in the world.Tell me,is that Satanic

If you want to know what is Satanic,come to Nigeria.Our Founding Fathers were not Masons,they stole our money,Killed oppositions and Human Rights activists,ran the country down with corruption and made Nigerian which happens to be the 8th Oil producing Nation in the world to be the 10th Poorest Nation in the world.That is what I call Satanism

I hope Freemasons were to be the Founding Fathers of Nigeria

Thank you very much
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