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Message Subject TWO THOUSAND SCHOOLGIRLS suffer suspected ILL-EFFECTS FROM cervical cancer VACCINE
Poster Handle anonymous
Post Content
many teens have cervical cancer and or OTHER serious STD s .!!!!!! Dr say more men are presenting with throat cancer, it seems the oral sex they did on thier flavor of month partner, had a vague std . which caused the throat cancers in the guys ..... but reconstructive jaw and throats surgery can be used in the disfigureing cases. Dr and all health officials continue to warn students and adults to avoid all transfers of fluids in sex for better health protection. .. we really can not be sure where our partners have been, can we .. Some people are Carriers of Serious Desease .even thought they do not get sick with the desease itself, That they are a carrier of. Drs say stay safe, for each other ...wear protection..
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