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Message Subject TWO THOUSAND SCHOOLGIRLS suffer suspected ILL-EFFECTS FROM cervical cancer VACCINE
Poster Handle *~*Faithful*~*
Post Content
NONE of this makes sense!

Seriously, how many 11 year olds have STD's? I will NOT let my daughter get this shot, period!

People need to actually think on this one, because the bs that the industry is spewing is by far the most illogical bs I've heard in a long time.

It is my firm belief that this HPV crap is a RESULT created through the previous generation getting various inoculations and procedures done. Could it be a result of the mothers taking Depo or some other form of birth control? Could it be the result on the 3rd generation of DES patients? How did this HPV come about?

No one is asking hard questions and looking to previous generational connections. I believe we'd find the answer to how this came about if some serious investigations were done by what's been plugged into OUR bodies by the industry, which then pass onto our children.

There is no way in hell my daughter is going to get this "vaccine"! I know what experimental trials and guinea pigging is, as I'm a DES daughter, an experiment that has devastating side effects that last a life time!
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