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Message Subject School kids taught to praise Obama.... SICK very SICK...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are some comments just posted on youtube.

furyiiiplate (24 seconds ago)

Prepare Now! This is going to get bloody!

newyorkcat (1 minute ago)

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Obama, the novelty has worn off and he looks tired. And a lot older than he did 9 mos ago. Now this. You can be sure this is NOT what the great Humanitarian jay rockefeller had in mind. lol

What will his rich white handlers do once he's completely useless to them?

Corrupt0Crats (1 minute ago)

There is not a single free nation that is comfortable with this type of thing. This is akin to the worst type of cult-of-personality worship found in totalitarian societies. This is Saddam Hussein Castro and Kim Junk Il stuff.

HouPault (1 minute ago)

Scary, creepy, disgusting!
For you libs...what if they were chanting George W? Would it bother you then?
leftwingwacko (2 minutes ago)


Get it right Children.

m19921992 (2 minutes ago)

This is disgusting! I'm calling Fox news about this, there the only 1's who will show it!

atlantisstudios (4 minutes ago)

The school personnel responsible for this should be fired.

chickobama (5 minutes ago)

This is incredible, we must be living in the end times.

DFLX1978 (7 minutes ago)

Oh...just a tad creepy. By tad I mean a whole lot.

ehcollins (10 minutes ago)

This is disturbing.
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